The prisoners pray and pay Zakat and achieve the presentation of their promises and be patient in distress and adversity and in time of war. Such are the virtuous ones. Holy Prophet Mohammad did not spread Islam through wonders. He operated what was more than a marvel: struggling against challenges and accomplished success never seen before or since in history, and in the contrary circumstances to which he had been subjected. But to achieve this exclusive achievement he did not resort to things outside human grasp, in which case he could not have acted as an exemplary personality.
He utilized all genuine and decent resources that were available to others. He would clearly say that he was a man like other human beings. And I have no power to harm anyone and direct anybody towards right path. One greatest quality that exhibits he had acquired peace and highest place of character and morality that must be final aim of human struggle where person reflects Divine standards, was his steadfastness. In conquest or in downfall, in authority or in hardship, he continued the similar.

According to words of Washington-Irving, His armed victories woken no arrogance or vain magnificence, as they would have done had they been achieved for self-centered determinations. If he expected at universal territory, it was the territory of the faith. Likewise, Gibbon inscribes in the "Rise and fall of the Roman empire" that even at the peak of his worldly power, the respectable acumen of Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) reviled the display of monarchs. How many of us demanding to be his cliques practice what he counselled to organize? In city of Medina he had the chance of working what he had spoken at Makkah. He ennobled and distended the commandments of Moses and brought upon earth the monarchy of paradise requested for by Jesus. And Mulsims are also enjoined to practice it when they visit Makkah and Medina through Umrah Package. He established a state with those at helm of affairs not ruling but helping the peoples of the state. There was no preconception and unfairness of class, color, race or ancestry.

To annihilate this long dominant social inequality, it was highlighted that the politest in the vision of Allah Almighty was he who was most virtuous among persons. The state belonged equally to one and all, and also fitted to one worldwide God, all submitted one rule, not artificial but sent down from the All Compassionate and neutral Allah Almighty, which was the similar for rich and poor people.

Nowadays a big part of the prosperity and intelligence of the West is consumed in determining ways in which they may apply unhelpful arms to pander to the soul of violence. The Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him) permitted the use of power and force in three circumstances only i.e. To defend a household of worship from annihilation. Second is in self-defense and third is to found autonomy of ethics and fight spiritual harassment. He was the primary groundbreaker of a belief that made belief and science help-mates. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) eradicated dogma and made motive and reason the test of religious fact.

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