Ancestor Yule Passing:

To my Grandfather, my forgiveness and peace.
To my Granny Pat, may grace kiss your cheek.
To my Father, May the Halls of Valhalla open wide their arms to receive you.
To my Mother, My Love, My Respect, My Wishes for a grand and everlasting peace.

I respectfully request that you use your powers of light and love to guard my Wee Ones each and every night.

May your light shine brightly forever in the great beyond.

We offer food & drink to sustain you on your journey to the Halls of Valhalla and the Bright Shiny Shores of the Otherworld. We offer flowers to softly cushion your footsteps. We offer candles to illuminate your path. We offer incenses to please your senses. We offer our love and respect and ask that our ancestors wrap you in their love for eternity.

May the passing of this Yule and Winter Soltice Season and the Dawning of the New Year, bring forth abundance, prosperity, peace, tranquility, love, good health and blessings upon this household.

We shall honor you each year and for eternity as our teachers, caregivers, life givers and ancestors. May you be there to greet us when our time comes to move to the Otherworld and the great mystery that is beyond this life.

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