You have felt this before. You read or listened to some famous self-help guru and in the end they leave you with more questions than answers. They keep you wondering, where are the details?
The shocking truth is that most self-help gurus are regurgitating the same old fashioned information. Authors for many years have been teaching concepts that come from the early writings of Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill, or Thomas Troward, an early teacher of mental science.
Nowadays you get 20 tips, or 15 rules, or the “secret” to success. Same old story, same results. The message and messengers are getting old and tiresome. It has even begun to get some people to stop listening, even to the good stuff. It actually is leaving people with no hope, no path, and no answers.
Reality is no one can help you if you don’t wish to be helped. Yes, there is truth in every one of these gurus’ affirmations. But with today’s world, we need to find a fresh approach. When you tune into your Natural Success Principles, these principles that give you everything you need to succeed and were inside you before you were born, you can start to digest the statements and start making them a reality.
With this new approach, we first must uncover what YOU covered up. Yes, some things you learned and some things that have been impressed upon you have stopped you from seeing and believing your true potential. In fact, some societal norms or even your friends have helped you cover up your true potential. That grand human spirit that was with you, right from the beginning, is yearning to be unleashed.
After unleashing your triumphant spirit, you can begin to start utilizing all the teachings in the true sense. Without acknowledging that you need a steady core to work with, you can’t just keep shining up that exterior and expect the whole thing to work. You can’t ignore the engine on a shiny car and expect to race a thousand miles now would you?
The same holds true inside you. I know from what I witnessed that all of this holds true. If you were shown the true power inside you by witnessing it, do you think your life would change? Right before your very eyes, the Principles and Laws of Success are revealed as if looking through a magnifier.

The power inside us all leaves you breathless when you try to grasp the enormity of it. I am so excited with what I know and I can’t wait to unleash it within you.
Now while I may be of the new breed, trying to get you to succeed, we must both admit that without some work on your part, nothing will make you successful. You can visualize, do “movies of the mind”, or even hum in your living room; yet, no one will beat on your door with all your dreams without action.

Other gurus talk of action in a broad sense. Where I differ is this; if I recommend an action, we will find a way to put that action in motion together. You won’t be kept hanging.

Let’s begin. In later articles, I will be giving specific ways to start the transformations inside you.

Author's Bio: 

Jack Hatfield is the Bestselling author of Blessed with Tragedy and Natural Success Principles.

He is the founder of the Early Journey Foundation, and organization created to help premature babies and their parents.
He created the World's First and Largest Social Network for PreeMiracles and their parents at
He just began the crusade to Fix the Family, Fix America with his newest work. His radio show and workshops help to impact generations with his 4 part strategy: Positve Fathering; Make-a-Difference Mothering; Pull-Through Parenting; and finally Reveal Your Success
He is now touring to help people seeking the truth about the link between Disease and the Diet.

Jack Hatfield is worried about how it seems more and more people are not succeeding the way they should be. A dedication to hard work and his years of "sweat" equity and you already have a powerful mentor. Then something happened. The birth of his daughter. In his first book, Blessed With Tragedy, Jack tells the story in day-by-day diary format written while in the struggle for life and death with his daughter Jonna. From the smallest teacher, one father learns the greatest lessons in life. "From this experience, I had to overcome any fear, understand every emotion, and muster all my strength to ensure that I would be blessed with tragedy, not overtaken by it. "

From sitting by his daughter’s bedside for the 130 days she was in the neonatal intensive care unit, she showed him that you have everything you need to succeed inside you BEFORE you were born.

This is the wisdom he dives into from his new book, Natural Success Principles.
“I will not let the teachings my daughter showed me remain silent. It would be unfair for me to keep them to myself. I am out to help the world uncover what I know is there.”