Is it possible for people who do not wish to serve goodness to have angels guides by them?
A few months ago I was visited by a woman in her late sixties who was in need of guidance. I invited her in and sat there to listen to her life story. As I listened all around her I could see a multitude of angelic presence, one of which was very big and strong. He was obviously her guardian.
What struck me as odd however was that this Divine presence was not its usually light and peaceful one but agitated and constantly whispering prayers of different sorts. She left and we made an appointment for the following week. Slowly, this woman would come regularly for either talk, guidance or to pray together. Her angel guides were still murmuring prayers around her.
Because of their presence I did not dare to intervene nor question what they were praying for. I would sit there quietly and allow this woman to pour out her soul to me, tell me her problems and desires. She was very bitter and lonely but it was not until a whole six months into the meetings that she started to really open up. She started speaking of her thoughts directed towards her husband and children. They were dark and ill. Her egotistical thoughts had obviously gotten the better of her. She confided that she was lonely, her misdeeds and refused to change despite our constant prayers. It was then that I noticed another presence at her feet.
It was a dark one, filled with ill thoughts, doubt, bitterness and poisonous thoughts. It had overshadowed her light.
Deep down we are all ‘good’, we all have grace and are pure as we are all an aspect of the Divine. By allowing, however, our temple of faith to be filled with the dark egotistical thoughts we pour a shadow upon our temple. This is what this woman had allowed to happen – she had allowed her temple to be infiltrated by lesser thoughts. She had misplaced all her faith and trust in God and was no longer open to the guiding whispers of her Angels.
She may have steered off her Divine path but her Angels had not left her side. They were still there, increasing in number and constantly praying for her soul. Constantly protecting her aura and spirit, as best they could. They resided peacefully alongside the darker force at her feet unwilling to leave her side despite her wrong doings and ill thoughts towards another. They were practising unconditional love as that is their role here on the physical plane.
Angels and all other spiritual presences do not interfere with one’s choices nor with one’s thoughts. They try to guide but in a quiet way and do give us signs of what should be done – only if we are willing to listen to them. If not, they do not leave our side but stay on to pray on our behalf for our spiritual wellbeing. They constantly try to bridge the gap between us and God. They constantly have light around them for they practice unconditional love – and this hinders any dark force that resides in the area to develop.
If only we as humans could practice the same deeds.

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Seraphia Preston has been healing and channeling guidance from higher sources for many years now. She has helped many find the right path to follow and their guiding influences. Seraphia stands out for her loyalty and honesty in this field of work. Join her at her website for channeled reads, online courses, prayers and distant healing.