Angelscopes for March 2012

You may have experienced a fair amount of difficulty of late, but you are reminded that this is just a passing phase and that you have the required amount of strength to deal with this and any other obstacles that come your way. This is a time for you to step into your own power and be confident and strong in whom you are. Let your voice be heard. By aligning with your own truth and doing as you feel guided, you will certainly ensure a happy outcome. Believe in yourself and release all self doubt.

I feel a great release and shift will be with you this month as light is thrown on situations around you. All things that previously didn’t make much sense will now be clearer to you. This is an exciting month of change and transformation. I feel that burdens are to be lifted here and I feel for the first time in a while you are feeling optimistic and hopeful once again. You are reminded of your inner power to transform all situations around you. There are a great many blessings to come your way.

There is a sense of you having put off some of your priorities and duties. Things that needed to be done and tasks that should have been completed a while ago. It seems the energy or will power was just not present, but now it is and this is your time to act. You are asked to disregard all things that are not relevant and put your full energy to the task in hand. If you want it, you need to show willing here. Remain focused on your outcome and don’t give into any distractions. This may even mean that you need to focus your attention on yourself for a little while, but if it means you accomplish what needs to be done, then so be it.

The energy of the spring really suits your mood and lifts I feel. There is a beautiful and aura that is with you now as the days get milder and evenings lighter. You thrive on the beauty and energy of spring and you ooze your creativity and inspiration here. The inner goddess is ready to be liberated. You are fully open and aware this month, very in tune with nature and all who around you. A good month for you to connect with nature, this can only help you flourish even more. Taking time to smell the flowers and noticing the beauty of nature all around you. You heart and soul is at peace this month.

You are ever the show man or woman here, you are out there loud and proud, however, your ego can sometimes get the better of you. You have a vulnerable side too and don’t like others to see that too often, you feel that they will judge you as weak if they do, which just goes to show that you can sometimes think too harshly of yourself and of others; time to step back and do a little bit of nurturing on yourself. Yes you find it easy to put yourself first perhaps, but you are not too kind on yourself when it comes to your own failings. Give yourself and others too little love and reserve judgement.

I get a sense of truths coming to light this month, also that feeling of this relating to situations that you may even have forgotten about or put to bed of late. There is importance highlighted around your truths being heard, now is the time for you to be vocal and stand your ground, fighting for what is right. I don’t feel brute force is the requirement, just truth and sincerity. I do feel that you will be heard and action will be taken. It is about you summoning that inner strength, being strong in your own convictions. You seem to have a very strong case here, don’t second guess or doubt yourself.

I am guessing you have been through better phases of late and the energies presently may seem a little up and down for you. Hang on in there; this is just a passing phase. I do feel as though issues are being highlighted here for action. There is also some drama laced in this mix too. Choose your battles wisely at this time and try not to be too impulsive or jump to any conclusions. There seems to be a lot of emotional energy around you at present. If you feel unable to release your worries and anxieties at this time, then you are advised to step back and await a better moment. Haste will not be rewarded this month.

You know what you want and you have an idea of the way in which you wish to obtain it. Other may try and talk you down, but you know your own mind and this doesn’t feel as though it is something on a whim. If you feel you have thought it through well enough, then go for it and don’t let anyone stand in your way. Seems like there is lots of work to be done in the process though, but you knew that already. Some may underestimate your abilities here, but you are out to prove them wrong and are showing more than willing. Do what is right for you!

Too much talk and not enough action; get a sense of procrastination with you and it is time for you to let go. Lots of energy here and issues that keep popping up around you, I get a sense of you not perhaps learning your lessons from the past here. It is time to see the situations as they really are, letting go of the things that are no longer relevant or needed. You are more than ready and willing to move forward, but you cannot do it with all this baggage from the past clinging on. Time for a clear out on all levels, mentally, physically and spiritually, this will include your home too.

You have a great affinity with children whether you feel that or not and this month the energy of innocence and childlike wonder is with you. Connect with your inner child and nourish that part of your soul. There may be children around you who are in need of your wisdom or insights; you have a unique way of connecting with them. This feels as though it brings a mutual healing opportunity, which you both may or may not even notice taking place. Time to deepen your connection with your inner child and bring forth that magic!

There is a sense of moments almost feeling eerie around you this month, but this is just a passing quiet time. You are so used to being on the go that the peace and moments to yourself almost make you feel anxious; let go and take what time you can for yourself. Use this time for you bringing your attention inwards via meditation, solitude or just participating in quiet activities such as reading, that permit you to hear your own inner thoughts. Your mind has a tendency to race and now is time for you to slow it down and detach from all that is.

Patterns of behaviour are highlighted with you this month. Perhaps there are bad habits you wish to leave behind or old ways of thinking that you know only restrict you. You are fully aware of your limitations here and you are right in thinking that the time is now to let go of a few things. I do feel as though the letting go connections will go further back than where you might think. There is a sense of your repetitive patterns going further back in to your past; this could link with family and also past lives. Be thankful for those lessons brought to you, but if you know it needs releasing then now is the time to do so, cut all those past ties, be confident in your actions here.

By Susan Angel

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