It has been said that every emotion has a purpose, and this means that it is going to be important for one to pay attention to all of them. However, even though this is the case, it can be easier said than done.

What this comes down to is that while they might be able to embrace certain emotions, there can be others that they can’t. In fact, one might only be aware of certain emotions, and this is likely to mean there will be emotions that they are disconnected from.


When it comes to why they are experiencing life in this way, it could be said that the kind of conditioning they have received will have played a part. While certain emotions are seen as acceptable, there are others that are not.

Along with this, one can also feel as though they have to make sure that they don’t allow their emotions to get out of control. Therefore, they can express certain emotions, but it will be necessary for them to keep a close eye on the ones they can express.

A Zombie

What this comes down to is that emotions are often seen as a problem in today’s world, and this is because they can stop people from being able to function. If they were to experience anger or anxiety, for instance, it could stop them from being able to fulfil the role that society wants them to play.

On one hand, it could set them up to commit crime, and on the other hand, it could stop them from being as productive. As a result of this, the ideal might be for one to be an emotionless human being.

Pros and Cons

On the plus side, this would allow one to do what society expects them to do; there would be no chance of them causing problems. This would keep the wheels of the machine running smoothly.

Yet, this would stop them from being able to experience the highs and lows that make life enjoyable. Their ability to connect to their fellow human beings would also end up being destroyed.

Another Factor

Having said this, it would be inaccurate to say that society is the only influence when it comes to the relationship that one has with their emotions. How their caregivers responded to their emotions during their early years will have played a part.

This could have been a time when they had to hide what was taking place within them, or they might have only been able to express certain emotions. Either way, this would have stopped them from developing a healthy relationship with what was taking place within them.

The Years Pass

As an adult, one could then find that although they feel comfortable being happy, they don’t feel comfortable getting angry. If they were to get angry, they could keep it to themselves.

This can then mean that they will find it hard to stand their ground, and this is then going to allow other people to walk all over them. Alternatively, one may find that they don’t even get angry, and this is likely to show that they have completely disconnected from their anger.


But while this will cause them to experience problems, it doesn’t mean that they will come to the conclusion that they need to change their life. Instead, it could be normal for one to believe that they are doing the right thing.

There could be people around them who will give them positive feedback for being so calm. Or, if they do pick up on what is taking place, they could tell them that they need to stop letting other people take advantage of them.

The Full Spectrum

When one is in touch with their emotions and they are able pay attention to how they feel, it will allow them to operate as a whole human being. If something is not right or if they are being walked over, they will be able to do something about it.

During the moments when their life is going well, they will be able to feel good without feeling guilty. And if they have just experienced loss, they will be able to feel the pain that is within them without needing to push it away.

A Message

Ultimately emotions are there to inform one about what is taking place, and if they don’t pay attention to this information, their life is going to be harder than it needs to be. When it comes to anger, this usually arises when one feels as though they are being compromised or taken advantage of in some way.

If they take the time to look into why they are angry, it will allow them to do something about what is taking place. Yet, if they don’t do this, they may continue to experience life in the same way.

It Doesn’t Go Away

And even if one was to ignore their anger, it doesn’t mean that it will simply disappear. In the short-term, it may seem this way, and then as time passes, it could start to affect them in other ways.

For example, they may find that they start to experience headaches and/or migraines, ulcers and they could have stomach problems, for instance. What this comes down to is that not everyone is going to respond in the same way.

Skin Problems

It might also only be a matter of time before their skin starts to suffer, and this might only affect a certain area of their body. Their skin could look red, or it could end up being dry and cracked.


When this takes place, it is going to be vital for them to look into what they are angry about. This could be a time when they will need to speak up about something, or to change their life in some way.
One might need to talk to a friend about what they are going through, or they could reach out for the support of a therapist.

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