There are many reasons a person may pursue an anger management course. He or she may be feeling overwhelmed at work or at home and subsequently begin lashing out at other individuals. A person may also simply feel that his or her rage is out of control and choose to seek professional help.

Sometimes, individuals are ordered by a court of law to enroll in such classes if they have committed acts of violence against other individuals due to uncontrolled rage.

Such courses are designed to teach individuals to recognize triggers that cause them to lose their temper and deal with pressure and stress in nonviolent ways. Courses of this type also help those with rage disorders to control their physical behavior regardless of how they feel.

Attendance at such classes is sometimes required of those seeking treatment at drug and alcohol abuse centers. Occasionally, those who are incarcerated are ordered to attend such classes, as well. Unhealthy rage can also affect individuals with health problems and exacerbate their conditions.

For this reason, doctors sometimes suggest that patients with disorders such as high blood pressure or cardiac conditions enroll in such courses. This is because those who suffer from the aforementioned illnesses may be at increased risk for stroke or heart attack if their episodes of rage cannot be controlled.

Such therapy can be pursued in both group and individual sessions. Regardless of the venue, however, those enrolled are typically encouraged to express their emotions and attempt to explore why they feel angry so often. They are also trained to redirect their rage when it occurs, in order to express it in a way that will not harm others or be detrimental to their own well-being.

Individuals being treated for mental illness or emotional disorders frequently benefit from the aforementioned therapy as well, if it is deemed appropriate by their primary healthcare practitioner. In some cases, those enrolled in such classes are invited to bring a partner or family member along with them for moral support. The latter often enhances the benefits the patient receives from his or her therapy.

The cost of such sessions will vary depending on a wide variety of factors. However, in some cases, one's insurance will pay for his or her anger management course if the latter is recommended by a licensed health care professional or therapist. Regardless of why one is experiencing episodes of rage, he or she should seek professional help so that the problem does not become worse in the future.

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