Have you been required to take an anger management course? What are such classes like?

These courses are not at all like some of the ways they are depicted in popular media. Anger management courses just teach basic life skills. With the help of a counselor participants learn how to improve their communication skills, develop empathy and increase emotional intelligence.

One of the first things participants learn is that everyone gets angry at times; it’s how we learn how to process and respond to those feelings that means the difference between keeping it under control and flying off the handle. When left uncontrolled anger can seriously damage relationships and wreck both personal and professional lives.

We learn how to respond to and cope with anger as children but sometimes those coping mechanisms are not very effective when we become adults. That’s where anger management courses can be useful.

Also, anger can sometimes be a symptom of deeper problems in relationships. It may be related to childhood abuses, personality disorders or chemical imbalances in the brain. Anger management courses may help determine if this is the case and the counselor may make recommendations for further actions that a participant can take.

In addition to getting at the underlying root of the anger problem, an anger management course may also teach you effective ways to control anger when you feel it’s already getting out of control. For example walking away when you are feeling out of control, doing deep breathing exercises and rationally thinking your way down from a rage are just a few of the techniques that may be covered.

The fact that you are looking for an anger control class shows that you already have the maturity to recognize that a problem exists and are taking the necessary steps to improve the situation. Taking an anger management course may not be an easy thing to do but it may make a world of difference for you and loved ones.

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Dr. Joe James is a psychologist who offers online and in person anger management classes