Women can become a slave to their tempers if they do not deal with what is bothering them. Getting mad is a natural emotion all men and women experience, but handled in the wrong way could lead to many unhealthy habits. Learning a few anger management techniques will help you to lower your blood pressure and improve your relationships at home and the office.

If you think counting to ten is just for your toddler, think again. Research has shown that when your temper is rising, slowing it down is sometimes as simple as counting to ten. If you feel your frustration with the situation or person is reaching a maximum level, take a longer break. Time outs are probably the most effective way to deal with anger.

When you find you are calm and you feel you can express your needs and wants in a non-confrontational manor, do so. Do not try to harm the other person. Do not try to belittle their thoughts or feelings. Stick to the facts and use "I" statements as often as possible. Asking for what you want will help to keep your temper out of the picture.

Identify what is making you mad. This will greatly help your mental and physical health as well as the relationships being affected by overflowing temper. If it is your child's overwhelmingly busy schedule, sit down with your child and see where you can cut something out for more family time. Suggest he or she switch to a summer league in one or two sports.

Get more physical exercise. Start scheduling more exercise into your day, every day if possible. This will help keep more of your temper in check, but when you feel your temper rising, excuse yourself and go for a jog, a run or one of your other favorite exercise. This will help your brain produce more feel good chemicals so you will be less mad when you return to discuss issues again.

It may be hard at first, but try not to hold a grudge. Holding on to something that made you mad crowds out the positive feelings in favor for the negative, bitter ones. You will only have room for the injustice you are feeling. And although forgiveness is sometimes difficult, it is healthier and will make you happier.

Asking to be shown various anger management techniques will help a woman with her relationships at home and at the office. It is also an important step in helping her children deal with their temper. She will also become healthier and happier over her lifetime.

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If you have been directed by the judicial system to complete an anger management class, check online for options nearby. You can learn to use anger management techniques for a happier lifestyle.