Anger is an emotion that people feel when some one has wronged them or a situation does not go as expected. This is a normal feeling, but becomes abnormal or bad when it causes people to do or say harmful things to others. When it comes to such a point that an individual finds he cannot control his temper, anger management techniques must be sought.

If a person is angry or infuriated, the first thing that they can do is try to calm down. This may seem impossible at such times but people should try and take a time out. This can involve few minutes of deep breathing alone away from a situation. This helps in bringing fresh air to lungs and easing the rising fury.

It is only after a person has been able to calm down a little bit that they can begin to express their feelings. This involves talking to the other party as to the reasons that made one angry and also try to listen to their part. One should always do this in a manner that will not hurt others or worsen situation.

While doing this, one should always think something over before saying it. When people are furious they always tend to be abusive or use inappropriate language. This is what leads to bad or strained relations. Thus it is good that one has calmed and collected thoughts before beginning to speak their feelings.

When people talk about their emotions is when they find solutions along the way. One should always remember that having a bad temper does not solve anything it only worsens the situation. Thus individuals should rise from the situation and try to find possible way out of the problem. Once this is done, try to move on by avoiding grudges.

Some other ways have also been devised to help people in releasing tension. This may involve; listening to a music that helps one to relax or simply doing physical activities. The work out activities to be done is that which one always does. It can be jogging, running, walking, gym workouts such as punching bags among other exercises. Through this a person is able to stimulate certain chemical in the brain that helps one to feel better.

These anger management techniques are among the many other ways that individuals can use to help manage their temper. Doing some yoga poses or chanting some calming words repeatedly can also help one to relax thus avoid confrontations. When all of the above and any other methods do not work out, people can always seek professional help from therapists and counselors.

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Dr. Joe James is a psychologist who is the developer of an online court ordered anger management class.