When an individual already has with anger issues, their emotions get volatile when put in stressful situations. When faced with a difficult situation, they often tend to get excessively defensive. For them getting angry is the easier path than taking charge of the situation. This is a wrong approach, since anger doesn't really solve anything, if anything, it just makes things worse. Here you will find some tips to use when in a stressful situation for help subside your anger.

Talking things out with your friend and or a family member with whom you feel comfortable is a good idea. When you are angry you often forget to look past your problem and look what the other side might be facing, in such cases, your friend or a family member can show you the other side of the incident. This is a very helpful tip for some people.

Writing down your thoughts or keeping a journal is great way to calm yourself down. You might feel that no one understands you, or cares about your problem, and in these cases you might not be willing to share your feelings with anyone. In such situations, keeping a journal may work wonders. It is a good way to channel your feelings, without any fights or hurting anyone. When read in retrospect, after you have calmed down, this may also help you understand the underlying cause of your problem and hence, give you a heads to the problem solving strategy. They might also give you insights into what triggers your anger so that you may avoid them in the future.

Taking a break, or going for trip, or even spending some time by your self can be a rewarding experience too. Change in environment, often, helps lighten your mood and hence solve the anger problem. Once you have calmed down, you will automatically be able to see things more clearly and take positive actions.

Sometimes, meditation or prayer is recommended to find peace within. This requires a personal practice and patience. While praying or meditating, you get a chance to mull over your problems with a clear and calm mind, while getting de-stressed and fresh. Prayer and meditation can also reveal to you many answers hidden inside your head which might not come to you in your day to day consciousness.

When in great need, there are a lot of anger management tips that you might avail. Tips such as breathing exercises, working out, indulging in your favourite sport, listening to music, exploring nature or simply resting can be extremely helpful. It is important to keep in mind that whatever be the way you adopt, you must be sincere and patient.

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