You already have the answers.

Remember the story of the farmer looking for gold? He sold his farm, traveled out west, mined the rivers for years and never found gold. Back home, at his old farm, the new owner found gold in the river that ran through the farm.

You already know the answer. The answer is within. If you know the question, you know the answer. It may not be in your head, your head may give you misleading answers, but your heart knows. You heart knows the answer, and knows the right answer.
Why do people avoid the answer their heart gives them? We've been trained to listen to our left brain logical, methodical brain. In fear we analyze and analyze and over analyze. We look for others to give us the answer, and we look for the socially acceptable answer. We look for the safe answer.

We look, we search, we ask, and we try to come up with the answer society wants us to have and the one with the least fear and risk in it. But that may not be the right answer.

Our hearts give us the right answer. Often, we do not want to listen. We do not want to take the risk. We are afraid to do what we know is right. Upsetting the apple cart is not how we were brought up. But, that might be the answer.

Let go of the 'shoulds', let go of what you think people will say, and let go of your fear. Then, and only then, can you do what is right for you. The answer is not for anyone but you. The answer is what is right for you, and it may or may not be right for another person.

You may not like the answer. But, you may also know it is the right one. If you like it, then it is easy to do and follow. The problem comes when your heart and your gut, give you the answer you know is right, and you do not want to face it.

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