Bearded dragons (Pogona) originated from Australia's desert regions and is named after the fact that they can puff out their throat which is covered in spikes and gives them the resemblance of a dragon. They have a lot of spikes on their sides and they have rows of spikes above their triangle-shaped heads. An interesting fact about bearded dragons is that their “beard” or the part of their throat with the spikes that they can puff out can change colour. It turns jet black during breeding season. With all these interesting qualities, the bearded dragon, over the years, quickly became a popular exotic pet to keep around. Are bearded dragons good pets?

Keeping a bearded dragon for a pet can be a fun and relaxing task. One of the first things you need would be a home for your new cute little dragon friend, and of course you want to keep them happy and comfortable. Most bearded dragons can grow around 12 to 24 inches and bearded dragons are generally happy when kept with and given a large space to roam around in. Simple fish tanks ranging from 55 to 70 gallons can be enough for your new friend. You can even get and customize their enclosure shape on your own or hire someone to do it with wood, or glass, or metal. Keeping their enclosure decorated and designing might even be your new monthly hobby. Which can be a relaxing way to remove stress aside from playing with your pet bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons are generally easy to take care of. They are omnivores so their diet is as simple as balancing it between vegetables and insects. Their usual diet requirement is around 40 percent vegetables and 60 percent insects. Vegetables are not difficult to obtain since we eat these regularly with our meals as well, so just share some to your new bearded dragon companion. Insects like super worms and crickets are not difficult to come by as well. Your local pet shop most likely has these for sale where they treat it properly and ready for feeding to your exotic pets and not just that, but you can even learn to breed and keep them yourself if you want a sustainable option for feeding your pet.

One more thing to note and consider about choosing to keep a bearded dragon for a new companion is their temperament. On this note, there is not much you can worry about. The temperaments of bearded dragons are excellent. They are generally very docile creatures who have no problems with being handled frequently by their owners. They would even hang out on your shoulder and lap when you walk around or sit around to watch or work.

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