Migraines can make your life a living nightmare. Not only can the pain and frustration lead to a decrease in your productivity, it can also cause you days of work. You can find treatment for your migraines at any medical center. The decision to keep migraines from controlling your life is in your hands. Here are tips that can supplement the advice you have got from the best urgent care in Bixby Knolls to help you manage your migraines.

What triggers your migraines?
It's impossible to keep your migraines at bay if you can't identify what triggers them. Common triggers to migraines include stress and outdoor pressure changes, loud noise, menstruation, and others. The easiest way to track your migraine triggers is to keep a journal which will help you remember the instances of migraine attacks. When you know your triggers you will also know the OTC medicine to buy instead of going all the way to see a doctor at the urgent care center in Bixby Knolls.

What is stressing you?
Lack of sufficient sleep and stress can cause you endless cycles of migraines. Take time to unwind and develop effective stress management strategies that can help you to better manage stressful situations. Effective stress management will automatically translate to better sleep which will help keep you from the doors of an urgent care center in Bixby Knolls. Take time away from works, studies, and even family. Time alone can help you win back your composure.

Manage External Stimuli
External stimuli like too much responsibility can cause or worsen your migraine. Get into a quiet or dark room so that you can soothe your mind and better manage your external stimuli. If stepping away from some responsibilities will help distress you, do it. It is better to manage your external stimuli than end up paying for the best urgent care in Bixby Knolls

Use a Soothing Compress
You could use a warm or cold compress to try to relieve your migraine. For some people either temperature will yield relief, for others a switch between the temperatures is what does the trick. If you are tired of taking OTC medicine, then this is as good a method as any organic method for managing migraines.

Talk to a Doctor
Although the above tips can help you manage your migraines, you still should consult a doctor at an urgent care center in Bixby Knolls if you have endless cycles of migraines that don’t seem to be going away. A doctor will enlighten you even more on the particular triggers for your migraine and help you come up with effective relief methods. The doctor may also want to do several blood tests to see if there is an underlying cause to your migraines.

There are 20,000 plus doctor in the field of urgent care medicine today. This means if you let your health get out of your hands it’s a choice that you have made on your own.

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