So, are you doing what you want to do..? Are you taking all the necessary steps on the road toward achieving your passions and desires..? Or do you follow the norm' and requirements of your peers - the puppet masters..!?!

Take heart... you're not alone if you're doing what is "expected-by-others" instead of following your own instincts and desires - in fact it's very common... BUT... you really don't have to be or do what others want..Just BE YOU..!

Are You Living YOUR Life..?

It's fairly simple really... Instead of doing what OTHERS feel is the right thing for you to do - being your fictional self, be who you really are - your real self, and do what your desires lead you to do.

This world consists of individuals with individual needs and desires... fulfil your own destiny, separate yourself from the "One Mind" thinking and be true to YOUR unique and "authentic" life.

Listen to your intuition and you will learn freedom to travel your unique road and not the road that others would like to influence you to travel - those roads are unique to them, NOT you..!

A little food for thought: "It's Better To Be Yourself And Have No Friends, Than Be Like Your Friends And Have No SELF..!"

Do You Still Remember Your Goals And Your Desires..?

Life has a habit of taking many twists and turns (it would be pretty boring otherwise) so yes, you do need to adapt and sometimes refocus, maybe even change or redefine certain goals - BUT - your overall main desire/s should
remain your driving force.

Never forget the unique traits that set you apart from everyone else and use those traits to strengthen your resolve for realising your desires - persistence.

Never forget that there is always a price to pay, whether that be time or finance - or both. Part of that price are the "steps"... keep taking those vital steps toward your final goals... the goals that are constantly on your mind.

Make those goals happen - the small ones will lead into the big ones..!
Do You Have Hobbies or Favourite Activities..?

Important: DON'T forget the things you enjoy as pastimes. The recreational things that motivate and energise you, or just simply relax you - these are important to your overall mindset.

I'm sure you've heard the old proverb; "All Work And no Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy". It has huge merit - there is no reason why at least one of your passions can't be something you love to do as a hobby.

You are an authentic individual - there's nobody else like you - you are defined by your individuality and your unique desires. Be persistent, take all the necessary steps you need to take and keep on YOUR road to YOUR success.

Nobody controls you - unless you want them to... clear your head, know what you want, understand what you need to do to get you what you want and then quite simply stick to your plan and GO FOR IT...

Before I sign off, here's a little something you should never forget - from Ralph Waldo Emerson... brilliant:

"All the mistakes I make arise from forsaking my own station and trying to see the object from another person's point of view".

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