Of course, when two people make the decision to get married and start a family, they never intend to someday end up getting a divorce. However, the sad fact is that today, about half of all marriages end in divorce. And even more tragically, a lot of the time, these divorces happen after the couple has already had children together. This puts parents in an extremely difficult situation as they attempt to work through the legal terms of the divorce, fight their own emotional battles as a result, and try to keep their children well taken care of. It can be a lot to handle. So if you are in the process of going through a divorce and are concerned about the well-being of your own children as a result, then you may want to consider taking some online parenting classes that are specifically aimed at divorce situations with children involved.

Understandably, one of the main concerns right now when it comes to your children is that they are going to be emotionally scarred for life as a result of yours and your spouse's decision to get a divorce. Perhaps your own parents were divorced when you were younger and you remember the emotional turmoil that you went through as a result. Either way, it is natural for any parent to worry about what their child is going to go through as a result of their biological parents separating for good. A lot of times, if not dealt with carefully, this can lead to stress, depression and anxiety in children. Children might feel that is somehow their fault that their parents are separating. The occurrence of this varies with age; studies have shown that the risk of a child developing emotional and behavioral problems as the result of a divorce increase as the child ages.

For the benefit of everyone involved, there are parenting classes out there that can help parents tackle these issues of divorce and ensure that their children can still have the normal and happy upbringing that all parents want to be able to give their kids. For example, these classes can help with anything from having the initial difficult divorce talk with the child, to dealing with a high-conflict custody battle. In addition, these classes often teach conflict resolution that can be used to keep a civil relationship with your ex-spouse, at least in front of the kids, no matter what the terms of the divorce were. When the parents have reduced stress levels, so will the kids.

And depending on the age of the children involved, these parenting classes can even help to target the needs of kids in each specific age group when going through a divorce. This is especially important for parents with children who are in their teens and bound to be more emotionally likely to suffer from depression and anxiety following a parent's divorce.

Overall, going through a divorce is never an easy thing to do. However, it is something that you can get through without scarring your children. In fact, you can use the divorce to solidify your relationship with your own children through the help of online parenting classes. They are available as long as you have internet service at the touch of a button. Just type in the name of your state, for example, Hawaii online parenting classes, and they will be available to you. You can read through the material any time of the day or night and there are also live counselors to talk to if you have specific questions. There are also support groups available as part of some of the courses.

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Ari Novick, Ph.D. is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified anger management and Parenting provider. Click here for more information on Parenting Classes Online

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