What makes you happy ? Truly, genuinely and authentically happy? Is this state of happiness easily reproduced every day or just sometimes? You can be in a state of happiness everyday if you would like to be. Your overall state of happiness is based upon how you perceive your past, present, and future. What does that mean? Here's an example:
■Your Past: Regardless of what’s happened in your life do you think about you past with calmness, serenity and acceptance? Or do you allow you memories to stir you to anger, despair, or sadness?
■Your Present: How do you handle today? Are you in control with a positive and helpful attitude or are you letting events control you and your reactions?
■Your Future: Do you anticipate good things? Are you optimistic most of the time? Can you imagine or dream of all the potential existing in your life, or do you become anxious or worried about your future?

How you answer these questions indicates your level of happiness. Generally, if you can see your past as being ‘past’ and use memories in productive ways while maintaining a positive outlook, and if you are engaged in positive thinking and actions today...and if you feel your future is bright, you're likely to be fairly happy with yourself.

Happiness is often chased after by people who are discontented with what they have given themselves in life. You give yourself permission to help yourself, to help others and to live a life that fulfills your personal beliefs and values. You are responsible for your happiness – nobody else is! It’s your personal perspective and self-belief that will develop your sense of happiness.

It’s also your perspective that creates self-pity in your life. Sometimes, we think that others make us happy, or that possessing something will make you happy. It’s more accurate to say that buying a new car (with ease) represents a value, or that having people who love and honour you in your life helps you feel emotionally healthy – if you chose to. Many people who are unhappy still buy new cars and have people who love them, yet they remain unhappy.

Happiness comes from within you.
Happiness will mean different things to different people. Satisfaction is different for everyone. You are the most critical element to creating your happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Cheryl Charron, MA, BA Adv, Certified Life, Recovery, and Wellness Coach, works in Canada with people who are seeking to make changes in order to find more fulfillment.