Do you find yourself wanting to do things but stopping and thinking, ‘I can’t do that.’ Or may be you wonder, ‘What will other people think?’ A lot of professionals believe that they aren’t smart, attractive, rich, or lucky enough to have the life they want. So they don’t pursue a promotion or look for a new job when they are unfulfilled and not making enough money. It’s natural to feel some anxiety around unknown situations and everyone has experienced fear. How do you handle new challenges in your life and career? If you put your goals, dreams, or passions on hold then you are living within limits.

Career coaching can help you overcome the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck and not reaching your full potential. Most people base their expectations of what is possible on direct results they’ve seen and on what others have told them. The problem with this is that if you don’t know people with similar goals or who have achieved success, it’s hard to see all of the possibilities for yourself. Your current results are the culmination of your thoughts and actions. At any point, you can make the choice to do something different. Let’s discuss 5 career coaching secrets I use with my clients to help them break free of limited thinking!

1. Get Clear- What are your career goals? What do you enjoy doing that doesn’t feel like work? If you haven’t given much thought to these questions, now is the time. Having clarity is the first step towards achieving anything and having a breakthrough. When I first begin working with a client we go through a deep discovery process about them and what they want. It’s common for people to be trying to attain roles and possessions that they believe will make them happy based on what they’ve heard from others or picked up from the media.

2. Be Positive- How do you handle adversity? Do you beat yourself up over past “failures” or things that didn’t go as planned? It’s very easy to focus on the things that haven’t gone well and use them as an excuse not to try something new or different. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, start thinking about what’s working or better than before. Consciously consider your goals and how you can be more optimistic about them. If you have trouble try saying a positive affirmation like, “Things will happen for me, exactly how they are supposed to.”

3. Surround yourself with support- Not having a support system is one of the top reasons why people quit and give up on their dreams. It’s important to have others you can talk to who are supportive. Sometimes this involves actively meeting new people in another industry or in different roles. Family and friends can be supportive, but sometimes they don’t have the experience or similar interests needed to really help you. If you aren’t moving forward and getting the results you want, consider finding a mentor or coach.

4. Reduce negativity- Are there people or environments in your life that leave you drained, tired, or stressed? If so, it’s important to know how to reduce or eliminate these aspects. Most people completely underestimate the effects of negativity in their lives. But the truth is that these things weigh you down and stop you from giving your best effort. Start limiting your time around people who zap your energy, or are always taking from you without giving in return.

5. Focus on your strengths- What are you naturally good at? What do other people compliment you on? Which skills have served you well on the job? The answers to these questions are things for you to focus on, especially if you want to increase your income. Career coaching helps people to utilize their strengths in their ideal career. When most professionals stop and think about what they are good at, they can only make a short list. There are so many unique things that make up you!

If you catch yourself stopping short of the things that you really want, it’s time to consider if you are limiting yourself. You can create a life you love! In order to do that, its important to get clear on what you want and be positive about where you are today. Having a support system and reducing negativity will enable you to start taking purposeful action to achieve results. Focusing on your strengths will allow you to easily find the career that’s meant for you. What is one thing you can commit to that will help you break free?

Author's Bio: 

Porschia Parker is a Certified Professional Coach, Founder of Fly High Coaching: and the Millennial Performance Institute.

When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.

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