It is extremely difficult to deal with people who have a predisposition to assume that the World is against them. It is however, even more difficult for the person who has to live with this belief.

We all of us, perhaps, understand how this feels to a certain degree. Everyone has wondered, at some time or another, what another person thinks of them, or maybe questioned if they were good enough. But some people, due to past experiences, are subjected to these types of questions ruling their thoughts all day, very day. Some people respond to these worries and fears in a passive way; others fight against them with great tenacity.

You can easily spot these "fighters"; you can almost see their armor and their swords drawn ready to strike. They are fiery, and quick to take offence, almost always assuming that you have treated them badly or done something to hurt them, said something nasty about them, and so on. They feel slighted or cheated. In reality, most often this has only happened in their mind; Your mind works in such a way that you tend to see what you expect to see.

The person who the sword is pointed at can be forgiven for feeling uncomfortable. To their knowledge they have done nothing to deserve this aggression. Sometimes you can smooth the situation over by employing a considerable amount of diplomacy; at other times no matter what you say or do, it just makes the situation worse. Most often, you do your best to walk away; to remove yourself from the firing line.

There is one sure thing which I suspect everyone secretly knows; the world is not against you. You may have received the thin end of the wedge, or experienced a lot of set-backs, but the World is not against you. If you feel that have been on the receiving end of an unusual amount of "bad luck", although it is tempting to start to think that everything will always go wrong, it is vitally important for you to fight off this thought.

It is this pattern of thought which has the power to make the World seem to turn against you. Your mind is a very powerful thing. Whatever you imagine you create. Whatever you dwell upon you bring into your reality. If you spend your time thinking that the world is against you, the feelings which you experience will reflect this thought pattern. And your reality is simply what you feel it is.

You and I may be standing at the traffic lights. You can see that the light is on green, whilst I see that it is on red. The only difference is the perspective from which we are viewing the lights. We are both correct; we do both see what we think we are seeing.

But the world is not like a traffic light in that it will not just change color as you stand and watch; the world will only change for you as your perspective alters.

Thus if you feel that you are a "victim" you have the power to change your reality, simply by changing the direction of your thoughts and mental focus. Hypnosis is a particularly useful state of mind to access so as to achieve this aim, build your confidence and promote happiness in your world.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnotherapy mp3 downloads for happiness and well-being.

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