Making daily affirmations positive is a sneaky art, but once you get the simple "twist" that makes your affirmation list become positive, you're well on your way to success. This article gives you tips for creating phrases that really are in line with what you desire, as well as gives examples and encourages a well-rounded approach to practicing your list of affirmations.

WHAT IS AN AFFIRMATION? Let's take just a second to make sure that we are all on the same page when it comes to writing positive affirmations. The goal, of course, is to learn how to write affirmations that work. Before you begin writing positive affirmations, though, you've got to be completely sure of what you want to "affirm" to yourself since that is at the core of your daily affirmations or positive phrases that you are using to "program new thoughts into your mind." So, what is an affirmation? It's a positive phrase that you repeat often enough to "affirm" a new idea into your mind.

WRITING POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: The "sneaky" trick when writing positive affirmations, however, is in creating the phrases in the exact direction of what you want to "affirm" to your mind. I'll explain that one quickly...

To write affirmations that work, you want to make sure they are short affirmations and that they focus directly on the "object of your desire." However, if the "object of your desire" is to lose weight, for example, most people mistakenly write daily affirmations that focus on "losing weight." Ah hah! That's where most people make their mistake because affirmation examples that focus on "losing weight" focus on the subject of "weight."

This concept may be hard to "figure out" in the beginning, but it gets easier as you go along. Weight loss affirmations, for example, should focus on "becoming slim and beautiful" because THAT is what you want to "affirm" to yourself.

EXAMPLES: Since weight loss affirmations are so popular and so tangible, I'll give you a few short affirmations that drive my point home. Although this affirmation list may sound unusual, I think you'll see that there is more to doing weight loss affirmations than just focusing on the subject of "weight."

"I am slim and beautiful."
"My body is healthy, happy and slim."
"My metabolism works perfectly."
"I enjoy telling myself that I am beautiful."
"I see my body in perfect balance."
"Everyone around me accepts me as beautiful."
"I accept that I am beautiful just as I am now."

LIST OF AFFIRMATIONS: Creating affirmations that are positive is important by focusing on exactly what you want to "affirm" to yourself, but there is one other ingredient for success in making your affirmation list for daily affirmations work and that is to make sure you are using positive affirmations that encompass many facets of your life. This concept is just as important as making affirmations positive because you'll want to be "hitting your target" from all angles. To do this, you'll want to include positive phrases that keep you motivated, confident and energized to make the changes you want in your life.

Combining the art of making affirmations positive and making your daily affirmations encompass many parts of your life are two key ingredients for making affirmations that work.

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