"Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" - Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

The media is filled with bizarre tales of rude and downright bizarre behavior that was once exhibited by self-loathing attention seeking narcissists and now may be used as a clever inexpensive tool for massive publicity. In the age where 'all publicity is good publicity' are high profile outbusts a result of an emotional dysfunction or a clever media attention grabbing ruse? One has to wonder.

The bad behavior we have seen fill our newspapers, Internet and television screens recently indicate that as a publicity tactic, acting out in appropriately is a very effective and economical public boost in awareness tactic. Apparently there are little or no negative consequences anymore for public displays of injury and insult to others in order to promote an egoic agenda. It seems that the more outrageous the behavior, the higher one moves up the ladder to fame and fortune.

Oh my!

Not many people ever heard of Rep. Joe Wilson before he barked "You lie!" at President Barack Obama during his televised address to the nation. Singer Kanye West's star status rose dramatically when he grabbed the microphone away from Video Music Award winner Taylor Swift to announce to the world his preference for Beyonce. Still this week, tennis great Serena Williams didn't like a call made against her by a line judge in a tennis match to she engaged in a diatribe of profanity. Again, all of these incidents were televised over and over again to the masses increasing the visibility and popularity of the individuals who committed what was once humiliating potentially career ending actions.

Those who exhibit offensive behavior then get to enjoy a media frenzy of interviews, articles and re-broadcasts of their attention grabbing moment. The offender gets to apologize on every media platform available, further increasing public awareness. Even those who never heard of these celebrity now talk about them around water coolers, dinner tables, blogs and chat rooms. Copycats seeking fame are now inspired by emotional outbursts instead of a compelling performance.

I get that I am adding to the attention by writing on this subject. What disturbs me enough to devote energy to the topic of how bad behavior has become an effective publicity stunt is that, as a deliberate PR tactic, these events have dramatically increased in frequency. At the number of incidents has increased the stardom of those who commit such public temper tantrums has risen even more dramatically. Irresponsible behavior is now rewarded. Irresponsible behavior, public attacks on other people, now results in furthering a personal agenda. What kind of life-affirming lesson is that?

"If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are." - Oprah Winfrey

It will be interesting to see if the long-term results of such misguided behavior. The self-loathing narcissist who thinks any attention will make him feel better about himself will eventually either get that he is spiraling downward in an ocean of self-sabotage and seek more positive ways of making his star shine or he will continue to expand upon his erratic behavior until it becomes his ruination. For those who end up completely bankrupt, repeatedly in jail or dead of a drug overdose no amount of attention can fill the void, the emptiness, felt within. Those who decide to get off the roller coaster of self-defeat often awe us with stunning comebacks. Robert Downey, Jr. and Mickey Rourke are two shining examples of such an inspiring turnaround.

Those who act out as a publicity stunt will continue to behave inappropriately for attention until the media and the public tune them out or respond with our pocketbooks. If we no longer pay attention to or support those who seek to move up the ladder of fame through stomping all over other people then we send the message that we endorse positive energy and move away from negativity. How we react to such social dysfunction is our responsibility and mirrors what we value. So, it is your choice. To what behaviors will you model and devote your energy? I will tell you this, where energy and focus goes, experience flows. Be mindful of your choice. Will you speak and act at the expense of others or positively in the direction of your dreams?

"But once I acclimated and really used fame for what it was offering me as a tool to serve my life purpose of inspiring and contributing, then it started to get fun again." - Alanis Morissette

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