Like a stone thrown into a body of water produces ripples over that water, your thoughts produce ripples and waves which transmit over the great ocean of thought that surrounds us.

The same way that we are surrounded by a sea of air, We are encircled by a great sea of Mind. Our thought waves move and transmit through this sea. These thought waves have the quality of reproducing themselves.

A strong thought tends to awaken similar vibrations in minds attuned to receive them. A thought will not affect you if your mind is not attuned to it. As an example, if you are accustomed to thinking thoughts that present great results you will be able to tune in into the vibrations of other minds keyed to the same thoughts. On the other hand, If you get into the habit of thinking thoughts of an adverse nature, you will soon be reproducing the same low quality thoughts originating from the minds of others thinking along the same lines.

You are for the most part "what" you think you are, the balance comes from the suggestions and thought of others, which have reached you either directly by verbal suggestions or telepathically by means of such thought waves.

Your typical mental disposition will determine the character of the thought waves received from others as well as the thoughts emanating from yourself. You only receive from others thoughts that are in harmony with your general mental attitude. The thoughts not in harmony with yours do not affect you,since they do not awaken any response in you.

If you believe completely in yourself and if you maintain a positive strong mental attitude of Confidence and Determination you will not be affected by the counter-productive and negative thoughts of Despair and Failure emanating from the minds of
people in whom these fears prevails.

On the contrary,if you don't believe in yourself and if you maintain a negative mental attitude, you will be strongly affected by those negative thoughts. Your negative state will deepen, your energy will be depleted, you will feel down and
even more discouraged.

In conclusion

Yes we are continuously affected by the thoughts of others even though most of us are oblivious to this fact.

You attract to yourself the thoughts of others on the same level as yours. If you think success will you tune in with the minds of others thinking likewise, and they will help you, and you will in turn help them. If you allow your mind to dwell on thoughts of failure, you will attract like minds and you will experience even more failures because there are more negative thought vibrations in motion within our mental environment.

Do not allow yourself to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of those around you. Look for good in everything and everyone if you want to attract the things and people that correspond to your thoughts.

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Lissa Jannini is a teacher with 19 years of teaching experience. She is also a Feng Shui Master. She enjoys teaching people committed to self-freedom, how to use mental and creative known principles to realize their full potential and live a joyful life.
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