Dear Soulmate Manifesters,

Recently I have received several emails and Facebook posts from women telling me the same story:

“I believe I have manifested my soulmate but he is married, what should I do?”

Now, none of these woman made a soulmate wish list that asked for a married man but what they forgot to add to their wish list was one VERY important word: available.

For most people the #1 item on your soulmate wish list should read something like this: My soulmate is available for and is committed to a long-term, deeply loving, monogamous marriage with me. (or add relationship if you don’t desire marriage).

I completely understand that sometimes we meet someone for whom we feel a deep connection that might lead us to believe we have found a soulmate. BUT, if this person isn’t available to share your life then you must make a choice to find the soulmate out there who is meant to be your life partner. There is a difference. (and YES, we do get more than one soulmate in a lifetime if that is what we desire)

For these women who believe they have found their soulmate but he is married to someone else, I believe there are really only two options:

1) Share your feelings with him and let him know that you are committed to spending your life with someone who is available to share their life with you. And then rewrite your soulmate wish list and move on.

2) Make peace with the fact that you are (and may always be) the “other woman.” (But first you must do some soul-searching and ask yourself IF this is really the highest and best choice for yourself.)

I believe that sometimes we are tested by the Universe to see if we are really ready for what we SAY we want. If you know in your hear that you are ready to spend your life with a partner who will cherish, worship and adore you, if you are ready for BIG LOVE then you won’t settle for crumbs.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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