ARREY BABA!!! (Hey Godman !!!)

Indeed, its fall out of self-styled baba’s being the new rage in contemporary times … One of the very apt acknowledgements to leadership is followership!!! Thus “self-styled” depiction may not just be a relative one, but there would and indeed be enough & sundry endorsing to give it an absolute strength too. Yes, it all about Mathematical connotation & abiding by un -paralleled norm of democracy –that is head count. Now what attracts the head count? Of course, commercial sense prevailed – its economy of give & take. Probably they sell you fear & had a buyback offer too - in the bargain is consultation fee charges, voluntarily mandated as their revenue model. New age genre babas also extend pseudo prosperity plans, much like bonafide service guarantee & indemnification agreements. In contrast to the days of a Guru to guide you to path of Nirvana & attain spiritual upliftment to soul searching mission of reaching out to God, the current babas only play a via media between you & your quest, with them shouldering the task of ensuring the grace of almighty FOR YOU with their virtually imposed didactic supremacy. Not unity, but diversity in diversity is key to their business proposition. Societal bifurcations, religion, caste coupled with rural-urbane plethora of issues present a canvas to these babas to carve a niche of their own & evolve a USP –unique selling proposition, as their deemed patent & of course exclusivity in clientele. With apparatus getting larger, hogging of limelight, media exposure and social visibility penetrating deeper, comes the political sponsorship & power amplifies in magnanimous proportions. Probably now the baba is rustically a demi-god & thus starts competing with the creator as per their paltry wisdom. Size does matter & nature is ample testimony of any species growing exceptionally big – falters. Probably your own appetite gets better of you. Thus, the journey goes through metamorphosis & meet its rational fate…

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Ardent reader, exuberant orator & aspiring writer with inclination towards philosophy, mythology & folklore. Academically post-graduation in English, Master's in Business administration & into private job.