Quantum Mind Information: A Series of Articles on the Quantum Theory of Mind and Soul Evolution

The Duality of Quantum Mind and Soul of the Universe

In order to create a holographic universe that is conscious from within, the consciousness prime energy had to create a duality without separation.

By focusing the universal consciousness to be both universally wide while also being of infinite numbers of finitely-limited individual consciousness points, this was achieved.

This duality of consciousness coupled and comingled in quantum entanglement with each ‘point’ of matter of the universe from a particle to a star, from a black hole to a galaxy, means also that there are two kinds of everything - north and south, male and female, positive and negative, two kinds of feeling in love and hate, two ways of thinking, linear and spatial, two kinds of magic positive/creative, negative/destructive, the two natures of energy, wave and particle.

But how does it work, this polarity/duality of consciousness? It does so by the prime field of consciousness-energy being omnipresent while remaining omnipotent and omniscient. It remains ‘One’ in fact.

No Separation

We are not separated in consciousness from what in the past we have called ‘God’. We are, as are all of matter, God’s mind and soul. At each finite point God is both within and is each and every particle, atom, molecule, stellar dust cloud and star. There literally is no place, however small and insignificant it might appear, where the infinite conscious-energy is not. There is, as we have believed for centuries, only ‘one’ God. Where the two natures of consciousness, that of the duality and polarity, become quantum comingled and entangled, is where individual consciousness begins. It continues by individually and jointly evolving itself, through its own unique point of view and through the shared points of view of others.


Though we are one with ‘God’ yet we are individual. Though ‘God’ knows everything we do not, we have to strive to learn in order to evolve, to become worthy ‘children’ of God. Life is the path of gods and if we tread it far more creatively than we do destructively, we are fulfilling our purpose.
Returning to Oneness

Many people believe that we are somehow cast out or ‘fallen from grace’, separated from God and to return to oneness we must ‘let go’ of everything we believe we are: to become no ’thing’ in fact. Many religions are built on this premise. However there is no separation and the ‘thing’ we are talking about here is not ‘material’ in the old sense of the word, but is information; for, as the famous physicist, Max Planck, once said,” ... I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such...”.

There is only information and that which we gather to ourselves through our own unique ‘point of view’ of the universe makes us uniquely and individually ‘us’.
Yet if letting go of this information is the only way to become ‘one with God as many believe is right, then there can be no purpose in the universe; so why then does it exist?

The Purpose of Life

Information cannot be lost, so science tells us, so perhaps a clarification of ‘letting go’ is in order. This ‘letting go’ lies in the refreshing of ourselves, by temporally letting all our knowledge, worries and cares out of mind, to still the mind in meditation or prayer and so arrive at a special quiet place that is, many believe, the stillness of the infinite consciousness of god. Refreshed and invigorated, we then return to the activity of accessing the information of others the world and the universal knowledge of God.

Our souls are what we are. They are that which makes us individual and so evolving our minds and souls to be more than they were, more than they are, is the purpose of the universe. Evolving our minds and souls is also the purpose of our recurring reincarnations, the purpose of our quantum mind and souls existence.


Yet we can receive information in two ways since we are a duality with God. Our brains are a duality also. The left brain is linear and accesses the linear holographic world, the right brain is spatial, which means that we can ‘reach’ for information from more evolved minds than our own. When we make a habit of doing this, we receive this information from other minds as insights, intuition, ideas and eureka moments all of the time. It is wise to remember, though, that the information we receive in from others, is very close to our own frequency of mind, which is why we can ‘tune’ into it. Because of this the information can be and probably will be, flawed. In ignoring this and believing that we receive our insights from God we can stagnate not only ourselves, but vast numbers of people across the globe. This has happened many times and the paradigms of both science and religion remind us of this.

One further point: ‘heaven’ is a higher frequency dimensional hologram of ‘information’. We all believe ‘heaven’ is a better place, yet is it just one place or a number of places? My own take on this is that there are many ‘heavens’ from which we can consciously choose on the death transition - if we consciously evolve ourselves enough.

What we must realise is that the difference between lower and higher dimensional levels or planes of existence is one of the frequency of energy. The higher the frequency of energy the lighter faster and easier the environment; for, as Christ told his disciples: “There are many ‘mansions’ in my father’s Kingdom.” What we need to do to ‘choose’ what sort of environment is best for us to continue our evolution is to reach for information of a higher vibrationary rate than we have achieved so far. By ‘tuning in’ to any higher in-form-ation, we can sense more of what there is altogether.

To Sum Up

• The purpose of the conscious duality is individuality.
• Individuality is the time-track of memory.
• Memory = Soul
• The individual quantum energetic matrices stemming from souls are our minds
• The nexus points or ‘nubs’ of the Universal Matrix Mind or Brain are individual souls
• The Universal Matrix Mind stems from the sum of all individual souls
• There are many planes of existence to which we can go to.
• The ‘material’ informational holographic universe is the substance, the method and the vehicle of mind and soul evolution

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Tom Leigh has a master’s degree in metaphysics, degrees as master hypnotist, hypnotherapist, neuro linguistic programmer and herbalist. Retired from practice and lecturing, he is now a writer and teacher of Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution.
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