I’m going to start out by talking about religions and beliefs about what I call the “dark forces.” Then later in this article I will branch out into talking about various belief systems in general and what it means to become a “free thinker.”

I used to attend churches that were Science of Mind or that incorporated aspects of it. I have found that the problem with most churches is that they have adopted some sort of dogma. Science of Mind claims it has no dogma, and Unity Church claims it incorporates all religions. But these churches do have dogma….and it says that there is no Devil, no demons, no dark forces, that they do not exist because everything is God. Because they believe this, they cannot see what the dark forces are doing to people and how they are doing it and that it is a very serious and widespread problem. They cannot see that they, themselves, are being influenced by dark forces, and they cannot see the role that dark forces play in their life challenges.

I was involved with a church that did acknowledge to a certain extent that there were dark forces, but they had this idea that it was just demons who needed healing and that we could just say a prayer for those entities and have angels guide them away to somewhere on the other side. They acknowledged that dark magic exists, but they claimed that it cannot affect us if we don’t give it any attention or allow it to have any power over us.

All of this is illusion.

Christians come a bit closer to it, as they believe in the Devil and that he and his demons can and do influence people and wreak havoc on their lives; however, they think that this mostly only happens to nonChristians or those into nontraditional religions and that they, themselves, do not have any problems with dark forces. Some Christians are now able to see more about these demonic influences and that they can and do influence even very religious and pious people, but they can only take this concept to a certain level. They do not see that they, too, are being influenced. They may see that demonic forces are causing them life problems, but they do not see how or to what extent and that they need to address it themselves, beyond just praying to God to help them with it.

Those in shamanic traditions are the most up on what the dark forces can do and are currently doing…that is, those who are, indeed, shamans of great power and sight…but they are now few and far between on this earth. And even in native shamanic teachings and traditions, there are illusions and false teachings.

I really love to be a part of a church, but I find that I no longer can fit into the dogmas of any churches or even shamanic traditions. I might fit into certain centers or churches that perhaps focus on ascension, but where are the real ones, the ones that aren’t just based on egotism and false teachings and channelings? Everything everywhere seems to contain both truth and falsehood, and is presented as total truth, and then you are expected to believe in it fully.

I am almost starting to think that I need to create my own unique church. I feel that the whole truth is a bit of this and a bit of that, but that any organized church or religion or philosophy always seems to have within in it some sort of untruth, and usually not on purpose, but just out of their having adopted someone else’s whole belief system. Science of Mind contains a great deal of truth, but it also contains some falsehoods. Unity is the same. The traditional Christian religions of protestants and Catholics contain a lot of truth, as well, but are blind in certain areas and don’t see that the Bible was altered and that some of it was fabricated by the Catholic Church. Their biggest problem is that they do not believe in the evolution and reincarnation of souls, and this affects how they view things.

There is so much involved in what the dark forces are doing to everyone and practically no one sees it.

But rather than trying to relay to you what they are doing and how, which you probably would not believe, I just choose to address the false beliefs that they are perpetrating, which ultimately can free you from the grasp of dark forces in your life. The dark forces are behind all of the lies you and society have been taught. They are behind all of the systems you have believed in so much…the educational system, the work system, the food habits system, the religious systems, the traditional medical profession and pharmaceutical industries, the entertainment systems, the war machine, childrearing methods, the media and the news system, and on and on and on. They are behind things like judgment, anger, hatred, cruelty, prejeudices, oppression, poverty, wars, conflicts, relationship problems, guilts, fears, false perceptions and false belief systems. As you see things more and more clearly, you become less influenced by dark forces.

The problem is, however, that even if you become fully awakened and free from dark force lies and influences, you are still surrounded by multitudes of people and systems who are still caught up in these illusions and dark influences; therefore, even though you can control your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions, you cannot control others’ thoughts, actions, feelings and beliefs, and they are being heavily influenced by dark forces and do not know it, and so thus, this can negatively affect your life as long as you are working around these influenced people, befriending them, trying to heal them, going to their schools, socializing with them, living around them or with them, et al. The dark forces use others’ against you. This may sound paranoid and crazy to you, but it doesn’t take a lot….they use telepathic thought transferance to put ideas in people’s heads, causing them to misperceive situations and people, causing them to believe things that are not true, causing them to take actions that they might think is wise but is just dark influences to get them into some sort of negative situation. This can affect you even if you are fully awake.

Dark forces do things like distracting people’s thoughts and pushing on their emotional reactions so that they almost get into car accidents, or trip and fall, or make big mistakes; and this can affect you if you are around them in their path or involved with them in some sort of capacity. For example, you are a good driver, you are very awake and alert, yet suddenly a driver comes at you out of nowhere in the wrong lane turning the wrong way and you might get into an accident despite all of your best efforts at defensive driving…so in that case, it is your consciousness that protects you against that accident and it maybe comes close but doesn’t occur.. why? Because nothing in you can really attract such an accident, and because God and angels are protecting you from it. But my point is that you can control your mind, feelings, and awakeness, but you cannot control that with others, and so trouble might come close to you in spite of your own awake consciousness…but in those cases, your consciousness and God also will protect you from that accident or that negative occurrence from others that was instigated by dark force influences.

People who are schizophrenic and bipolar are being influenced and controlled by the dark forces. Some of them have entity possessions of permanence or temporary possession, others are very influenced by demonic telepathic thoughts, and their delusions and hallucinations have some basis in reality, but are also illusions perpetrated on their minds by the dark forces. For a person to go crazy like this and be so heavily influenced, they must have a lot of false beliefs, fears, guilts, angers, judgments, and a lot of very low self0-esteem, and often have few morals or ethics and often have no faith in God or miracles or divine healing of any sort. Mental illness is a disease not of the mind, or of the brain, but of the soul. Giving these people drugs to alter their brain chemistry may help, but it doesn’t heal the real problem which still exists in them and their life. Their problem is a result of dark magic and demonic influences; as well as psychological insecurities, life traumas and abuse, and false beliefs, and it is not a “disease” or a “mental illness” as professionals would have you to think. Cognitive therapy may be helping some schizophrenics, but the therapist is not seeing what caused these odd thought patterns, beliefs and delusions in the first place; the therapists tend to ignore abuses and traumas in childhood and later life as one big cause of mental illness; and they definitely do not see the negative influences by dark forces and would call anyone who purports this as being mentally ill themselves! Such a tragedy, such an illusion.

Dark forces push on people’s fears, guilts, angers and judgments, and on their low self-esteem, insecurity, and on on their lack of faith in God and morality. A person can be very moral, however, and still be heavily influenced by demonic forces and dark magic if they have a lot of false ideas that are creating in them lots of fears, guilts and low self-image.

Unfortunately, churches, religions, psychologists, scientists and educators, along with most if not all of society and the world’s people, do not have a handle on the whole truth and do not know what they are doing even though they think they are very wise and intelligent.

Through years of deep meditation, open-mindedness and growth through life experiences, one may achieve a high state of enlightenment where they are able to see the whole truth and able to see what the dark forces are doing and how they are doing it. However, to be able to meditate in the first place, one must be able to free oneself from all of life’s challenges, emotions, thoughts, sensing, noises and distractions. This has become more and more difficult, if not impossible, with the addition of dark forces sending “hooks” and all types of dark magic into people everywhere on a constant 24-7 basis, even as they sleep, and this negatively affects their intuitive powers, ability to meditate and see total truth, and be clear and happy and healthy.

What I see most “free thinkers” doing is, they ignore anything about dark forces and if they do believe they exist at all, they say something like, “But this cannot affect you if you are spiritual and know lots of truth, this only affects very dark unenlightened people.” This is false, but many believe it. Then the other thing they do is say that there is no Devil or demons and that this is all just illusion and that everything is God because God is the only power. They reject the idea that there is a duality of light and arkness. This is their delusion. Everything in life has an opposite to it. And if there were was only light and love and goodness, if there was only God, then we wouldn’t have all of these problems in the world and all of this craziness. And if there was only good, then we could not grow; growth and evolvement comes from the friction of the darkness around us and even within us. And the dark forces are at least partially behind these false belief systems that say there is no demonic or Devilish influences or that we are immune to it if we are spritiually inclined. Of course they don’t want you to believe they exist and are doing stuff to wreak havoc…they want to remain hidden and influencing people’s minds and behaviors in hidden ways.

Of course, no one wants to see or believe any of this that I am saying, and so they will all find reasons to not believe it and reject it. They will think, what?! Reject science? Reject psychology? Reject religions? Believe that dark forces are influencing even me? Nonsense!

And I am constantly upsetting the apple cart, getting the traditional Christians very angry with me and they think I am just abominable because I do not totally buy into their every belief that they were taught to believe …. And now I am also upsetting the religious science people and Unity people…. And even the native shamans….and then the so-called ascended masters who think they are ascended but they are not and they are just on an ego trip feeling superior to everyone on this earth…

I choose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. I don’t need any more hassles in life. I just write what I see and know, and if people don’t like it or hate it, well, they are entitled to their reactions and beliefs…just don’t try sending me hate mail or try looking me up because I operate by a penn name and you won’t find me anywhere. I have to be self-protective. There are many who have tried to kill me and shut me up, believe me.

I have been wrong in the past about some things, and maybe I am still wrong about some things…but as I change and grow and learn more, I will share my changes with you. If an article I wrote six months ago is something I now don’t entirely agree with, I will write a new article showing you what I have learned about that.

Never think you know it all and have no more growth. Ascension continues on and on, way past the levels we think are total enlightenment. We go and live on other planets in other universes later on when we reach certain levels of awareness because there is nothing more for us to do here on this planet.

The dark forces love to mix truth with fiction. And if a certain religion or philosophy contains both truth and untruth, this doesn’t mean that those who started that faith or philosophy were dark force themselves … it is usually just that dark forces influenced their minds to believe in certain things untrue somehow, and it got mixed in with the truth. It’s how they brainwash people. The traditional Christian religions help a lot of people and contain lots of good truth and ways to live ….. but it’s the untruths that are hurting people, unbeknownst to them.

Any time I see any organized belief system, whether it is political, religious, part of the educational system, or medical system, or philosophical or some other type of institution….I look for whatever in it might not be truth.

Truth lies deep within us and can be found through deep meditation, intuitive knowing, and through life lessons and experiences. What I am doing is what I call, “free thinking,” which means, I don’t just automatically adopt a whole set of beliefs given to me. For example, the liberal left has their basic belief systems which they expect everyone to adopt, and I believe in a lot of it, but not all of it. One of the beliefs they expect their followers to adopt is a belief that women should be allowed the option to abort a child. I don’t happen to believe in that. I happen to believe that this is murder and that God said thou shalt not kill and He didn’t give any exceptions. He also never suggested that we should be killing and abusing animals and then eating them.

Another liberal left viewpoint is that homosexuality is just normal and okay and doesn’t offend God. They are trying to heal the prejudices and discriminations against gays, but in the process, they are also adopting the belief that homosexuality is part of normal and that some are gay and some aren’t and it’s no big deal. I happen to believe that it is not normal and goes against God’s intentions and that homosexuality is something that is in need of healing I believe that the dark forces are behind its creation in humans and they have a way of creating that abnormality and they do it to spite God’s intentions. But this does not mean that I see homosexuals as “sinners” and as “evil people.” I don’t see it as a sin, but I see it as not what God intended and as unnatural, like trying to mate a dog with a cat or something. I don’t think that because someone is gay that they are evil, and I think that perhaps gayness might be their one and only illusion. I look at people, not gayness; and I look at people, not colors of their skin. I abhor prejudices in any form, and I abhor discrimination.

And so, you see, although I adopt many leftist beliefs in things like social justice and nonprejudice and helping the poor through government programs, I cannot adopt all of their beliefs that I am just expected to adopt if I am, say, a Democrat. And I can see that Republicans and conservatives have a point too, and that lefties are not right about everything, either. The real truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. Be a free thinker, please!

And with Christianity, I believe in the morals of Christianity, I believe in no sex before marriage and the sanctity of marriage, I don’t believe in homosexuality (yet I can love and appreciate all of the good qualities of a gay person and can still be their friend), and I do not believe in abortion; but yet I would not fit in with Christians on other issues and beliefs, as I no longer believe that Jesus was the son of God, I no longer believe that Mary’s birthing of Jesus was immaculate conception, I no longer believe that Jesus dying on the cross was God’s guidance for him and that it healed the world and that he took on everyone’s pain and sin and that God wanted him to do this and to suffer; and I no longer believe in Genesis and I believe it was written by men to deceive and control people. Yet I love Jesus, I have a personal relationship with Him, I believe He is very very powerful, and I believe in the God of the Bible and pray to him all of the time.

So, you see, I don’t fit into any of the molds, and I do not even fit into the metaphysical churches’ molds, either.

I don’t fit in with the hippies because I don’t believe in free love and sex; it is hedonism and unwise and influenced by dark forces. Yet I believe in the concept of communes, world healing, living close to nature, eating healthy foods, social justice, healing the world, consciousness-raising, meditation, enlightenment and ascension, veganism, and many of the things the hippies promote. But it’s hard for me to find a commune or spiritual intentional community that I could fit into because I am such a free thinker.

I don’t believe that God is just an energy and that there is no Devil. I believe in the God of the Bible. I don’t believe that a woman should be submissive to her husband and just follow what he wants her to do….I believe that was something from the Bible’s time period that was societal conditioning and belief and I don’t believe it was coming from God and truth. Sorry.

I cannot fully embrace Buddhism, either, as it seems to reject the God of the Bible as a source of help and truth and relies solely on the God within for help and truth; I feel that this is a mistake. I rely heavily on the God of the Bible for insights and help with all kinds of things and this works well for me. I believe that help comes from God of the Bible, God within, and Jesus and other ascended masters not in the physical. I think that it is true that we need to strive to release desires, greed, materialism and always expecting and wanting things to be just right and always good; on the other hand, taken to its extremes, this philosophy becomes delusional and not good.

Another example of a false belief is that only God can heal and help anyone and that that means that teachers, healers, therapists, ministers, et al should never try to give any type of advice or help and if they do that it is largely ineffective and that only God can help them and no person can change or heal any other person. This has an element of truth within it, but taken to such extremes it becomes untrue. I cannot believe that we are not supposed to share things that we ourselves have learned with others in order to help turn their minds and emotions around to some extent. But yet without God’s help, our help alone would not be fully helpful to a person. And there is a fine line there, too. You cannot expect to change people yourself, but you can help them along in their changing. You cannot heal their souls, but you can guide them more closer to God who can heal their souls. Balance is everything. Avoid all extremism.

I believe in feminism to a great extent, but yet I cannot adopt their whole program because I believe there are some flaws in it. Women are trying to be too much like men, living in their intellects, shutting off their intuitions and emotions, trying to be very scientific, and they are avoiding their responsibility to their children by working full time and not spending enough time raising and teaching their children. Yet I do believe that women should pursue their dreams and work if they want to, and I do believe that husband and wife should share the household duties and child’s upbringing. I believe that there is good and bad about feminism philosophies.

What I see a lot of is both men and women shutting off their feeling natures, their creativity, their love and peace and compassion feelings, in favor of being intellectuals, scientists, work force types….and this is not healthy or good and is being done because everyone has been so abused and traumatized that the only way they feel they can cope with emotions is to stuff them down and live in their intellect and become workaholics or educational system junkies. There is much too much emphasis on science and what can be seen and proven and intellectualized about, and little attention being given to things like God and the unseen forces both good and bad and miracles and intuition and spiritual gifts. One cannot feel peace, love and light while living in one’s intellect and focused on a work force that does not allow feelings and intuitions and inner knowing. One cannot study science in college and believe in the unseen but known higher realities and in God. People say they do, but the educational system, the work system, the media, is all much too dark force influenced and constructed and people are buying into all of it way too much..

I am a free thinker. I do not just automatically adopt what a particular group says is its belief system and agenda. It is usually partly true and partly false.

And so in my saying all of this to you today, I am probably losing at least half of you who think I am too far out there and do not fit into your belief systems that your particular group or philosophy or religion dictates that you believe in.

Keep asking God to show you the whole truth, teach you, grow you, give you insights, heal your mind, emotions and soul, and this will work and eventually you will be in the whole truth and out of the matrix; however, you will still then continue to grow and gain in spiritual powers and gifts and learn more and more to teach others more and more.

The Devil and his demons are so very clever and deceptive and hidden so well that most of the freer thinkers have no idea any of this dark magic and influencing is going on and especially they think it cannot be affecting them at all. This is their illusion. And so it isn’t just the programmed masses that are asleep, it’s the free thinkers as well, but to a lesser extent.

Be glad for what you already do see and know, and see how far you have come, and just be okay with the idea that you may still not see and know everything and that there is always more to grow and learn and teach. I am sharing with you things I have learned from all kinds of life experiences, meditations, prayers, divine guidance, teachers, just everything. I do not claim to be perfect and know it all, but I want to share what I have learned, I want to open people’s minds more. In doing this, I am stepping on lots of toes and lots of sacred cows, but I feel I just have to speak out since very few others are.

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah is a minister, social worker, artist, writer and teacher of enlightenment and ascension methods. She writes about alternative lifestyles outside of the norms of societal conditioning and about finding the real truth and being a free thinker.