I recommend channeling Jesus. But first, let me define what I mean by “channeling.” I am not referring to spirits taking over your body and vocal chords to impart helping suggestions for you and your life. This can be very dangerous and you don’t really know for sure how evolved this spirit is. They are not evolved enough because if they were they wouldn’t be suggesting that you let them take over your body and vocal chords at all, they’d be recommending you do “conscious channeling,” which means they telepathically give you information.

Channeling is not about just any spirit who says he or she is evolved giving you messages. The telepathic information given to you must be of a very high level quality and only by ascended masters who have attained high degrees of enlightenment on the earth plane and whose job it now is to give messages to the lightworkers who are here to help and to ascend their consciousness to high levels of enlightenment so that they can better help the world in some way.

For those of you who already channel ascended masters, I recommend that you only channel Jesus for at least a while, as it is Jesus who is designated to lead us all out of all the trouble and help this planet ascend. It is easier to channel Jesus than the others because he has such a distinct energy and so it’s easier to know there aren’t fakirs present pretending to be ascended masters so that they can give you false information at some point. If you feel Jesus’ loving presence, and then that feeling fades, ask God to heal and release from you any fakir spirits present and then wait for feeling Jesus’ presence again and then continue channeling Jesus.

Many Christians are now channeling Jesus, but they certainly will not call it “channeling,” as they think of channeling being about mediums and associated with the occult and the Devil. They call it, “Having a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus, and talking to Jesus.”

So, with that said, a lot of good, dedicated Christians, even those in high light quotients of ascension, are having trouble with fakirs being present pretending to be Jesus, and so they are getting false messages that they think are from Jesus. Some of these fakirs are very clever and can talk like Jesus and insert a few false messages with the listener being totally unaware that it happened. The problem is that traditional Christians will not believe in or look at or experience anything that seems of the “occult,” and so if you try to tell them that a fakir spirit and not Jesus gave them that message, they might not believe it. Some Christians are, however, aware that there are what they call “demons” around trying to influence people and they might believe it if you told them that message wasn’t from Jesus but from a demon giving them a false message. Some traditional Christians even know how to tell if a message was from Jesus, or from a demon; but these are the higher light quotient Christians. Some traditional Christians have leaned so much from Jesus and God that they are in levels of ascension mode; however, they all still have too many false beliefs to be able to ascend beyond certain ascension levels, and some of their false beliefs are within their religion, which can only take them just so far in ascension, unfortunately.

Also, some more evolved Christians do believe in things like psychic abilities, intuition, and things unseen, and they believe these are spiritual gifts given to them by God. They believe in laying on of hands, spiritual healings from God, and helping angels, et al. They are not new agers or metaphysicians, however, and it would help them if they were to some extent, so they can only go to certain levels of ascension.

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Zarla Leah is a writer, artist, social worker, minister, and channeler of ascended masters. She writes about ascension levels and enlightenment, and alternative lifestyles beyond mainstream society such as intentional communities. She can be reached for questions and comments at: zarlaleah@yahoo.com.