The focus of this article will be to act as a guide on how to setup the Asus router and your router login with an Asus modem. It can be sufficiently addressed as a do it yourself and self-explanatory guide.

Asus router is quite differs in interface and console; apart from that, the Asus router setup and router login is very similar to any other wireless router like the Linksys router.

Every model of the Asus router almost basically utilizes similar instruction in the event of its setup.

It is also very important to note and understand that your router isn’t just made for the wireless and internet. It can also be made to serve a different purpose aside from its primary purpose.

Such as security, network, and bandwidth control, parental control.

There isn’t any need to rush its installation, go slow and follow the procedures step by step whilst being meticulous in the installation of your Asus router.

In an attempt to install and configure your Asus router, meticulously follow the ensuing steps-

1) If it’s a new router, unbox it first

2) In the event that you are trying to set up an old Asus router, endeavor first to reset your Asus router.

In anyways though, be it an old or new wireless router, it is highly recommended that you reset the router before its setup. This goes a long way to ensure that you have a seamless router setup and login. Having noted that, we are set to set up and configure the Asus router.

• First, plug the Asus router to a power outlet before turning it on.

• Use an Ethernet cable to connect your Asus router to a modem.

• Use another Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the Asus router.

• If there’s no Ethernet cable available, use the wireless function. You are most probably going to see a wireless network by the name Asus; you would have to connect with it for the meantime.

• The next step in the setup would be to go to your browser, type in the default gateway in the URL which is usually in this form afterward press the enter button.

• If you had earlier reset your router, it won’t ask for a username and password but if otherwise, you would to key in Asus default or generic username and password-

• Password: admin, username: admin

• By now, your router should detect your internet connection and the type automatically.

• Endeavor to kindly the onscreen directive to set up your Asus router fully.

Extra tips-

• Please always turn off the guest mode, never leave it on

• Endeavor to request for your connection type from your ISP it can be in the following form PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP, etc.

• To keep the performance of the wireless router at its best, ensure the Asus router is in the latest version.

• Remember to turn off, then turn on your Asus modem and router immediately after setup.

Congratulations, your Asus router should be ready now for you to connect to the internet.

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