Attracting abundance is all about how you manage your energy. If the programming of your mind happens to be more of the negative kind, then modeling top achievers is a smart thing to do as the way they manage their energy bring such good results. In this article you are given the bullet points of why they’re so good at attracting abundance.

Attracting abundance is probably a dream most people share and yet few seems to master the art. How do top achievers manage their energy? What kind of thoughts do they fill their head with? What are they focusing upon? What kind of beliefs do they have? How do they make choices? Here is a short list of the most important characteristics of how top achievers are attracting abundance.

1. Top achievers are optimists.

They focus on the bright side of everything. They chose to believe that things tend to work out well. They do not let fear influence what and how they chose, nor their focus.

2. Top achievers are action takers envisioning what they want.

They keep their dream warm untill it is manifested. They set goals and take positive steps to make it come true. They firmly believe that as long as they do their best to get what they want, things will work out just fine.

3. Top achievers are straightforward with everyone.

They are thoughtful, loving, and kind and choose to think positively about other people. They resist passing on negative judgments on someone – including themselves. As a consequence people like to help them and work for them on their mission.

4. Frustrations are dealt with positively, not dwelled upon.

Top achievers take frustrations as challenges that help them to grow and move forward.

5. Top achievers enjoy and live within the present moment.

Neither do they dwell upon the past, nor throw away too much of their valuable time just dreaming about the future. They focus their energy within the time frame where it is possible to create results.

6. Top achievers listen to their heart.

They listen to their own motivation and follow this, rather than some limiting, conceptual beliefs about how things should be. They chose to trust their gut feelings.

7. Top achievers take full responsibility of their own actions.

They ask for help from others when they realize they have more knowledge and experience than themselves, but when it comes to making choices they take the full responsibility no matter the outcome. They have realized that blaming others will not bring them closer to what they want.

Maybe you think this is too simple too be true, that there has to be a hidden secret somewhere. The fact is that the principles of attracting abundance are simple. It is we human beings that complicate things. You may have heard that simplicity is the best? Well, it’s true. Make it simple and so it will be.

However; when coming from a negative programming of your mind it may be a challenge to reprogram it. It is a challenge well worth dealing with though, if attracting abundance sounds intriguing to you and you decide to become one of the top achievers.

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