Aura Balance & Cleanse
This exercise is very calming and refreshing and it takes less than 10 minutes to apply :)

With the use of Emotional Freedom Technique 'EFT', you can balance and cleanse your Aura, as well as your Chakra System with ease. If you are new to EFT, please visit the Sessions Page of my website @ or and familiarize your self with the points indicated on the provided diagram.

Begin by rubbing the Sore Spot on the chest in a circular motion while also repeating the following phrase, 'I ask my Aura to become a beautiful shade of red. I easily absorb all the healing benefits and properties of this color red. I now allow this color to balance everything in me, around me and beyond, on all levels of my being that needs red.'

Then just repeat the word 'red' as you firmly touch or lightly tap ~

Top of Head
Inside of Eyebrow
Outside of Eyebrow
Under Eye
Under Breast
Heart [Center of Chest]

Then repeat the process using the following colors ~


After you do all the colors, allow your Aura to settle back down into the color you need for today. Using your imagination, allow your Self to see, sense and/or feel it with your 'minds eye.' Truly experience the shift in energy that is taking place within.

If you feel guided to use different colors, then do so.

Enjoy & Balance!

Kathleen Emmons, Classical Healing Artist
The House Call Therapist

Author's Bio: 

As a Classical Healing Artist specializing in Self Healing and Spiritual Guidance, I creatively blend various techniques which include Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery and Emotional Freedom Technique 'EFT' to bring about a very unique and positive change in people's lives.