The scholarship offered here is known as the "wise scholarship". It is awarded to the students who are willing to study science and technology. It s one of the renowned german scholarships for international students. Hence, it is a good choice among all the scholarships for Indian students to study in Germany in 2022.
DAAD is a unique scholarship offered by German universities that offer the following benefits.
Benefits granted by DAAD.
The monthly money award is seven hundred fifty euros for students.
The students' expenses on travel, sickness, and other liability will be provided by insurance.
Travel subsidy ranges from thousand dollars.

Duration of the Scholarship
This scholarship lasts from two to three months during the spring months. It only supports programs of internship that lasts thirty days.
Eligibility for Students
Students must meet the following requirement;
The students must be from the mentioned universities.
The universities must be marked by the NAAC, AICTE and other reputed authorities of universities. The students must be able to apply for long masters courses.
The subjects of the candidates must match the following streams such as; engineering, mathematics, science etc.
The candidates must be in the final year of their bachelor's course.
The student must not be a prior WISE awardee.
The candidates must have good English skills and vocabulary.
Other Requirements

The candidate must acquire a percentage of 85%
All proofs of the completed semesters should be sent.
The candidate must possess a "certificate of no objection" or a "certificate of registration" for the duration of this internship.
"Application procedure" section has the form.
The candidate must possess an invitation letter from a professor of German appearing on the letterhead of that university or that research institute.
A completed "approval form" of the host will also be required.
All the documents must mention the dates of the beginning and end of the internship.
The applicant has to submit their CV and a brief about the research proposal.
Excellent language skills.
I may not know German.
How to Apply
The application of the daad must be carried out online. You have to keep the documents of the application summary as well. The summary has to be sent during the application. The portal should be operated carefully following the steps. The application deadline must be checked and followed while filling the forms. The process involves the following steps;
The documents must be uploaded to the DAAD portal.
Final sending of the mail.
Students can commute with the DAAD office in New Delhi to fulfil the process.
The scholarship is open for students involved in science and technology to be awarded.
The universities and colleges of Germany do not require English proficiency exams or certificates. However, the students must be proficient in the skills and the research programs. Germany is ideal for students to gain an educational degree as it has ample scope for internship and career options. Apart from DAAD, there are other scholarships for Indian students to study in Germany 2022, such as Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship, Heinrich Boll Scholarships, Kofi Annan MBA Scholarships, ESMT Women's Academic Scholarship, Goethe Goes Global Scholarships, EMS Undergraduate Scholarship and others.
The regional office for DAAD is located in Delhi, and some consultancies are based in Delhi, such as Admissify. Admissify can provide information and knowledge about Germany's various colleges and universities along with many scholarship programs.

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