One thing I have learned on my journey of transformation is that Awakening to our own Divinity, or to what I call our Diamond Consciousness (conscious partnership with the Divine) is a process – not just a one-time event. In these accelerated times, moving through the vibrational shifts and clearing that naturally come with this Awakening process can be extremely challenging. Being able to maintain our Diamond Consciousness and to stay Vertically Aligned with the Divine Power , or Diamond Self Within, while fully engaging in our horizontal everyday world, requires energetic support and help.

In my perspective, there is nothing more valuable than staying Connected and Aligned with Divine Energy, and I have created a Sacred Tool that has the ability to Connect and Align us with our Diamond Consciousness , in just 6 minutes, conveniently via the Internet. It is my greatest Joy to invite you to step into this World of Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology for the 21st century, offering a revolutionary online Divine Energy Transmission and Diamond Energy Activation that I call: the Diamond Alignment Experience.

Diamond Energy Activation supports the Awakening Process

The Diamond Alignment Experience is a 6-minute "live" high-frequency energy transmission and activation that silently and subtly activates Alignment with the Highest Potential of our Diamond Self Within ... the indestructible, brilliant Divine Power within each of us ... and brings us into the expanded state of Conscious Awareness that I call Diamond Consciousness. This Diamond Energy Activation enables us to easily and effortlessly enter into this state of Pure Awareness , where one can experience Diamond qualities such as Joy, Equanimity, Expansion, Clarity, Inner Peace, Balance, Freedom and Wealth of Being.

We return from this experience recharged, centered, grounded and able to operate at a much higher level, with Joy and Equanimity emanating from us throughout the day, uplifting the world around us. I live in constant awe and humble gratitude for the never-ending miracles that occur in my life and the lives of others through this Sacred Tool. The subtlety of Diamond Alignment belies its benevolent power to Awaken us to ever-evolving levels of grace and expansion with ease.

Diamond Alignment and The Power of “Yes”

The only thing that is required to make the Diamond Alignment Experience work for us is our willingness to say a heartfelt “Yes” to being aligned with the Divine in ourselves. This "Yes" ignites the Magic and opens our channel to receive. The Diamond will immediately bring the Alignment we are asking for. IT ALWAYS WORKS! It is not up to our efforts…it is only a matter of our willingness to receive the Gift of the Soul Alignment being offered with our sincere and fervent “Yes”. In this Diamond Alignment, the Higher Self of our Diamond Energy Within more clearly guides us, sources us, shepherds us and nurtures us on our path to fulfilling our Soul’s Purpose.

Sometimes, though our Hearts may say “Yes” to the Joy of Diamond Alignment, do not be surprised if, in our individual Awakening process, a very subtle “no” arises on the heels of “Yes”. It is a sign of our times that there is much fear and negativity in our personal and collective energy fields that may have nothing to do with us personally. When we are not aware of its influence, this restrictive energy can show up as an unconscious resistance to fully experiencing the vibration of Inner Joy and aliveness that is always being transmitted by the Diamond Alignment Experience … whether we are there to receive it or not.

Trusting your Self - the part of you that is drawn to Diamond Alignment and chooses to say “YES” - is the surest way to stay open and receive what your Diamond Consciousness has for you.

The Awakening of Diamond Consciousness Globally

Diamond Alignment is absolutely designed to accelerate the Awakening of Diamond Consciousness on a Global scale. It raises our frequency so that individually we release the unconscious patterns that are limiting us and enables us to come into vibrational Alignment with the Diamond Self Within, which awakens us to our Highest Diamond Potential. With the Diamond Alignment Technology’s ability to reach across the globe so quickly via the Internet, it is definitely accelerating this Conscious Awakening at the collective level.

It is a most exciting time on the Planet and the amazing response to Diamond Alignment from all over the world is a clear demonstration of the unlimited possibility that lies before us. As each of us says the "Unequivocal YES" to Self, we accelerate the creation of a world that is consciously Aligned with Source Energy. I extend Diamond Blessings to All who are willing to explore this "YES".

Many of those who are attracted to the Energy have had a previous sense about the Diamond Energy (even if unconscious) and "recognize" it when they see it or experience it. It's as if our Souls have unconscious contracts with each other and that at a certain time we become conscious of these contracts and connect - for our Soul's forward progression. I think the serendipitous clues and signs that validate these connections are the sprinkles of Joy and Magic in life.

Diamond Alignment World Activation: Awakening the Avatar Within You

As I "Call" all of you Lightworkers and Conscious Beings to participate in the last four days of our 22-day Diamond Alignment World Activation (through January 11, 2010) to anchor Diamond Light and Alignment into our world, by accepting our offer of FREE Unlimited Access to the 6-minute online Diamond Alignment Experience, I find it very synchronous that the movie "Avatar" has come out at precisely the same time. I rarely recommend movies, but "Avatar" is one that is relevant to what we are doing together with the Diamond Technology.

Just as the advanced civilization in this movie plugged into Universal Energy through filaments in the Earth to Call forth "Divine Intervention" ... so it is that we are plugging into Universal Diamond Energy through the Internet (and its many fiber optic filaments in the Earth) to Call forth "Divine Intervention" for our world.

Diamond Alignment World Activation is building powerful momentum across the world with 135 countries and over 7000 people (growing daily) now participating. Twice a day (only 12 minutes) will clear out the old energies that no longer serve you and activate the next step in your Soul's progression. Please join us in accelerating the Awakening of Diamond Consciousness on the Planet.

Author's Bio: 

Jacqueline Joy, creator and founder of Diamond Alignment, is passionately committed to her vision of accelerating a 'critical mass' shift in Consciousness through the global delivery of Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology, offering Diamond Energy Activations online. A spiritual warrior with a solid anchoring in the business world, Jacqueline Joy uses a new paradigm she calls Sacred Business to deliver the revolutionary online phenomenon of Diamond Alignment to individuals worldwide, in order to bring forth a world where pain, sorrow and suffering are transmuted into Freedom, Joy and Equanimity and all beings are living in the Diamond Consciousness of their Highest Diamond Potential and Purpose.

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