IoT cloud services like Microsoft Azure,AWS ,IBM,Xively provides an highly operating alternative for traditional services.
If you are new in the cloud computing area then to choose a correct platform which will easy to learn is an important.
For a while now AWS and Azure has an topmost priority in IoT Industry among all platforms.We should get familiar with those cloud platforms.
This article will help you to choose one of two certifications which has large impact in industry.
Pointers Used for comparison:
1.General Characteristics

AWS Vs Azure General Characteristics:
Below information will help you to compare both platforms

1.AWS has an market share of 40% ,whereas AZURE has an 30%.
2.Year Of Origin of AWS is 2006 as 2010 is of AZURE.
3.AWS supports an linux system ,Still AZURE linux support system is in progress.
4.AWS is friendly with open source ,whereas AZURE is not that much flexible with open source.

AWS vs Azure Compute:
Another factor that comes in is compute.As large number of data is generated,its processing should also be fast.Aws and Azure both supports this computation.Aws compute services includes EC2,AWS Lambada,ECS.
While Azure compute services includes Virtual Machine with other tools like Cloud services,Resource Manager.

AWS vs Azure Pricing:
Aws and Azure both offers free services with restricted limit access,while for detailed structure you have to pay.Only difference is that Aws pay an charges on hourly basis,whereas Azure pay an charges per minute basis.Azure is less flexible than Aws in terms of pricing.

Aws vs Azure storage:
Both Aws and Azure provides an strong storage services.Aws has storage services like AWS S3,EBS on other side Azure has Azure Storage-Blobs, Archive Blob storage.

Aws vs Azure Database services:
Database is an important concept to store information.Both provides an different database.Aws supports both structured and unstructured data.Amazon RDS supports database like MYSQL,Microsoft SQL,MariaDB.Whereas in case of Azure SQL server database is based on SQL.It also comes with an Cortana Intelligence Suite that comes with Hadoop, Spark, Storm, and HBase.

AWS vs Azure Networking:
Each cloud service provides an multiple networks.Aws provides virtual Private cloud whereas Azure offers an VNET virtual network.Also both platforms provides an firewall settings option.

AWS vs Azure Verdict:
As we have seen the comparison pointers between two platforms it is difficult to choose one as both have different functionalities.
In case of hybrid cloud Azure comes in focus whereas AWS has an extra additional features.
Depend on application flexibility we can use either of two platforms.
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