When we look at the word “BLAME” what do we see? Well if were in apathy or grief, we may see our disapproving of someone or something. Or maybe we see our wanting control or that we see that we want to be safe. We definitely see our self wanting to be separate. If we are in fear, we are blaming another for how they made us feel. Here we are seeing through filters, otherwise known as victim’s programs. So blaming is showing us that we have LOTS of limitations and negativity.

If we are lusting and we look at the word “BLAME”, we may resent others for having good fortune. Here, we are blaming others for having something we want. We may also see our being angry for “not having” whatever the object of desire that triggered us to feel insecure. Now we are beginning to see our causal programs at work. Mostly when we look at the word “BLAME” we find ourselves in pride, which is the highest level of negativity.

The word “BLAME” is extremely negative. Blaming is reacting negatively. Blaming is the result of non-discrimination on our part. If we are truly identifying with Beingness, we’ll see that there is no one or nothing to blame. By taking responsibility and noticing who or what we are blaming, helps us begin to be FREE of the negative pictures and thoughts that we are holding in mind.

If others are blaming us, it’s because we are holding that in mind. An example of this might be that at an early age there was a time when our parents or teacher blamed us for something. Maybe we didn’t take out the garbage or we didn’t study for a test. In reality, we did do something; what we did is made a decision to avoid taking out the garbage or avoid studying and attached a consequence. Perhaps at later time we were challenged about not taking out the garbage or studying. The result, whatever consequence that we created in our mind, past or present, became a reality and the program is still running. Ok newsflash time… our decision, and our fear, is what punishment programs are all about. If we are being blamed for something, it’s only because we are holding that in mind and seeing ourselves as a

Every coin has two sides. So the other side of the coin is to be the one blaming another for something. Each and every time we blame others for how we feel, we are seeing our causal programs running. In truth, when we are blaming we are hurting our self and our relationships with others. The next time you catch yourself blaming someone, look to see what you did to create the situation. In looking as to why we blame or get blamed for things, look to the past. Our past thought(s) created an aversion and we are still resisting looking beyond the obvious. If we allow ourselves to see what we are causing ourselves to experience, we surely can make our lives much easier by choosing to do things in a different way.

Larry suggests seeing positive in everything and to use every down as an up. Hmmm… So if we re-examine the word “B – L – A –M – E”, we can see the words, “BE,” “AM,” “ABLE,” and “ME” all exist within this extremely negative word. Clearly this is an indication that there is positive in everything. We just have to look beyond the obvious. Lester Levenson said, “If we did it, we un-do it.” Even within an extremely negative word as blame, we can see there is some goodness. In looking for the positive in every situation, we begin to see that it’s all in our picture. The goodness is within; that’s our basic nature. By seeing things in a positive way, we begin to see there really is a silver lining and that no limitations exist other than those that we are holding in mind. Each time we take responsibility for our thoughts we are letting go of limitations. Thinking back to the positive words within the word blame, we also saw the word “ME”. Meaning we have to take responsibility for everything that happens to us. There is no blame if ‘me’ is not holding that picture in mind.

When we take responsibility for our thoughts, we are in courageousness. If we take it to the next level, we see our acceptance of “Yep, I caused this event to occur!” Also in acceptance we know there is nothing to change. It truly is perfect! Once our thinking is corrected, all that remains is Love. Within the word blame is the word “AM”. Whole, perfect and complete!

Thoughts take many forms. By removing the limitations, the negative events will stop occurring. By changing the habit of being blamer or blamee, we’ll see that the cause of those matters was only the result of our thinking. If we choose to see goodness and positive in ourselves and others, there is no need for the word blame, which is probably why it was omitted from the Chart of Emotions in your workbook. Blame is a word of limitation. If we are coming from a loving place, there is no need to point out what another did or didn’t do. There is no right; there is no wrong.

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.

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