Are you ready to lead a life that is different than the one you are leading now? What will it take for you to stop doing what you’re doing and start living the life of your dreams?

Most will agree, it takes you engaging your energy and committing to change. You can’t get different results doing the things you’ve always done, right?

You have to make changes and you have to commit to making those changes.

The first baby step is simply to acknowledge that change is necessary to achieve an altered result. Right here, right now, commit to changing your behaviors, habits, and routines. Not all at once— just one baby step at a time.

Say it out loud: “I commit to change”.

Write it on a piece of paper and post it somewhere you can see it each day as a reminder.

Announce to the world that you are ready to “be the change”!

Believe it. You can do it!

But how do you do it?

Here’s my favorite, simple tool: Start by “shaking it up”!
And yes, I mean literally, too.

Picture this: you’re seated at your desk, staring at the computer, your shoulders hurt, your hands are stiff, and you’ve had too many cups of coffee, but you’re so tuned out you’re dozing off anyway. You’ve got something to do that’s really important, so you tell yourself you’re not going to get up until it’s done.

You put on your stern parent voice and scold yourself for being so unproductive.
What happens? Nothing. YOUR STUCK! But you keep sitting there, refusing to allow yourself to get up.

Let’s be honest, does that approach every really work effectively? Isn’t the result forced and uncomfortable and often not really what you intended? Or worst yet, don’t you often end up making mistakes and have to do it again later anyway.

So, commit to change it!

Next time you feel stuck, just get up and move.

When you sit frozen at your desk, your energy is frozen, too. Move a little…maybe walking a lap around the house will loosen you up…or, I prefer to MOVE A LOT. Just get up and dance, dance, dance! And yes, your family or roomate might think you’ve lost your mind, but who cares? You will certainly go crazy sitting at your desk forever.

Lately I’ve been fascinated by the pop star, Shakira – boy, can she move! Something truly refreshing happens when I try to wiggle like she does. Of course, I look ridiculous, but it makes me laugh, and suddenly all my energy is flowing again.

Stretch, leap, run, skip, shake…feel the energy flow through you. It only takes a minute. When you’re done, take three, slow, deep breaths, letting go of any remaining tension, then go back and sit down to finish what you started.

I know that you already know this saying, attributed most often to Anthony Robbins…
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

So, stop doing what you've always done and commit to change it, starting NOW!

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