For many, maintaining a sense of inner balance can seem like a daunting task. This is because in Western society we're taught to believe that things are supposed to go our own way – all of the time. When things don't go according to some established inner plan, we think we have a right to feel unbalanced. Feeling off-kilter in turn becomes the proof to us that we're supposed to feel unbalanced. It becomes a vicious cycle that we experience over and over and over again.

Even on the best of days, various setbacks can throw us into a dither. “I knew it!” we think to ourselves, “The Universe has it in for me!”

But who says it has to be this way? With a little practice, we can turn things around by not expecting the world to play by our own personal rules. Knowing that a snow storm happens to other people too, that a break in internet service isn't some THING directed at you alone; or that there are people in the world who accidentally burn their dinner one minute and go on to have an enjoyable evening in spite of it all, can help keep you focused on reality.

Eckhart Tolle recommends learning to witness our internal chatter and then ignore it. Says Tolle, “Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don’t realize this because almost everyone is suffering from it, so it is considered normal. This incessant mental noise prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness that is inseparable from Being.”

Here are some practices you can learn that can help you appreciate the silence within you and bring a greater sense of balance to your inner self.

1. Prepare and eat a meal by yourself
- Prepare a meal and then sit quietly as you witness yourself eating.
2. Take a bath
- Light a candle, throw some lavender tea into the tub, lower the lights, and jusr relax.
3. Be conscious of your breathing
- Often we take shallow breaths when we're stressed. Break that habit as oxygen automatically causes our bodies to relax.
4. Shut off the phone and just sit quietly in a darkened room.
- Not-doing anything is a form of doing!
5. Make a Gratitude List
- Focus on the good things and write them down.
6. Call an Understanding Friend (and don’t spend the time gossiping!)
- Sharing the good times.
7. Do physical exercise (go to the gym, jog, etc.)
- Nothing beats melancholia like endorphins surging through your bloodstream.
8. Do yoga or stretching
- This is a great activity during which time you'll undoubtedly get tired of your chattering mind. Focus on your body’s movements and breathe.
9. Practice laughing in the privacy of your home
- Think of something funny and laugh; force it if you have to. Your body won't know the difference and you'll be releasing more stress than you can imagine.
10. Meditate
- Learn to meditate – it's like “conscious witnessing” to the tenth degree!
11. Just say no

No matter what you do to balance your inner self, keep in mind that any positive steps you take are helpful. As you slowly replace negativity with positive energy, you’ll find that enjoying life becomes much easier.

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For over 5 decades the Silva Method has helped millions of people around the world achieve their highest potential by working with the mind. By expanding the mind’s capabilities through meditation, creative visualization, mental exercises, and self-improvement, graduates of the Silva Method have gained profound achievements and lasting transformation in their lives and even developed psychic abilities