Generosity is the basis of a personality’s growth. The Holy Quran praises men who sideline his interests for the sake of others. They favor others to themselves. It also associates a man with a plant that sprouts and eventually becomes a full grown tree bearing achene for the advantage of humankind in general. Nafs is used for word of self in the Holy Quran for 255 times.

According to ‘Tajul Uroos’ the term indicates the total character including mind, intelligence, knowledge and defiance of an individual. This self grows only in a social situation through communication with associates of civilization.
Self-realization is only possible in a society based on fairness and admiration for all. This society should also be devoted to the achievement of higher morals. In such favorable circumstances man gratefully aids others and thankfully receives assistance.
In the animal world development and modification depends upon natural reasons. At the human level, though, the attention of interest is the person. The term ‘self’ became common in the 18th century as it was near to nature than the period ‘soul’ which had a paranormal essence. Kant supposed in a mystical self-image which was the basis of all involvements.

The psychologists came up with the concept of ‘empirical self’, which changes with mental development. In contemporary times this notion has given way to the idea of character. It is perceived not as an object but as the method or pattern which the mind accepts when it is prepared. Some philosophers give position to the social environment in which a person evolve. Motive cannot be taken as the complete standard of emerging a character as it cannot resolve all difficulties. Umrah Ticket have been thrown by many travel agencies.
Eventually those who turn to the Heavenly management are guaranteed of speedy and flat development in all respects and donate positively in founding ‘manhood as a one community’. Without difference of class, creed, color or tribe. Man in his separate capacity self-develops this character, but he ought to involve only in such activities as tend to extend inventive freedom to the utmost. When man obeys the Divine laws, conflict between the good and the evil vanishes. The self-overpowers the low and the mean and this raises the level of a man’s personality which in modern terminology is called ‘integrated personality.’ When a person follows the laws of Divine, battle between the good and the evil disappears. The self-controls the low and the mean and this grows the status of a person’s personality which in modern terminology is termed as integrated personality.
The holy Quran has termed the growth of the self as the final purpose of human life and called as a success. It means life is much more than physical survival. It is a stable progress towards higher level in moral, social and intellectual growth. Human being gets this stage by assisting his fellow mates to the same. If man impulses society onward, the civilization in turn, impulses him on, and so the together rise to the wanted advanced level.
Some faiths are primarily troubled with the redemption of individual man, while others are pre-occupied with the constancy and competence of human society. Islam pursues to generate a social milieu in which the human character may purpose freely and grow to its full build. In contemporary times this Divine communication needs to be accepted by those who want a liberal and rational society.

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