Reality is the truth, anything else is deception. If it exists, it's real although the truth underlying an illusion can be elusive. If it deceives, then it's not real, although it may appear so. So investigate to find the underlying truth.

In their heart, most people know they're a good person, a loving being, even if they don't show it very often. This - goodness, love - is the truth of your being.

Yet what brings you to your truth? Knowing this is valuable since when you live in truth, you feel better about yourself. You don't feel so good about deceit because dishonesty is not based on reality and therefore has little power. It's like a house built on sand, how can it provide a solid foundation?

What goes Around, comes Around
When you act positively, you usually get positive responses. You can easily demonstrate this, smile at a dozen strangers, and some will smile back.

Negativity invites the same. Punch a stranger on the nose in a bar, and you're pretty likely to get a similar response! Acting negatively, deceitfully, corruptly, takes you away from who you really are. You may know this even as you deceive yourself. You can change your life by recognizing when you are being deceitful.

What goes around, comes around. The second law of thermodynamics even states this scientifically: Action and reaction are equal and opposite. Choices always have consequences.

It's both simple and easy to recognize the path to your truth, you can tell by the way you feel. If it feels just grimly satisfying, rather than joyful, it cannot lead you to your truth, no matter what your self sabotage mechanism insists. What feels honestly good is the path to your truth.

One Untruth leads to a Thousand Others
There's another serious problem with untruth. One lie requires a thousand others to validate the first. You find yourself telling one lie after another, as well as different lies to different people, attempting to maintain your deception.

Eventually, you have difficulty in remembering what you said to whom. Then others see you as untrustworthy, and you feel even worse! If you don't have an outstanding memory, are you so used to deceit that your difficulty lies in distinguishing truth from untruth?

"The result of an idea is never separate from its source," the insight below, is fascinating. Deeply understanding what this means will change your life forever!

Being truthful is the only real choice that you can make. It's the only real choice, because any other choice is not real! This seems so simple, but simple does not mean easy. Have fun discovering how to overcome your self sabotage, remember that the truth will set you free.

Food for Thought
"Truth and illusion have no connection... Illusions are always connected, as is truth. Each is united, a complete thought system, but totally disconnected to each other... The result of an idea is never separate from its source.”
- Course in Miracles

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