Far too many people are trying to do more to be happy instead of trying to be more. Those who seek more peace and happiness in their lives describe what they "do" in a normal day as feeling overwhelmed and unable to get a handle on their lives. When I write the word do on a white board for each activity they perform-from the moment they wake up-within three minutes I have usually written the word do almost a hundred times. When I show them that their day is already full of "do-do" activity, they understand it's time to change the daily cycle that steals their peace and happiness. When we discuss why they keep themselves so busy, we often uncover a Core Desire to please others, do well, or feel valuable. As people learn to experience those same Core Desires without doing so much, their lives become a lot less stressful and much more rewarding.

The whole of life is nothing more than the refinement of everyday living. Imagine how smoothly your life could go if, through a simple refining process, you consistently improved, step by step. In my own experience-and that of many others-I've learned that it is possible to achieve steady refinement of thoughts and feelings in individuals and organizations.

You may wonder how you can motivate your organization, children, employees, or spouse to engage in a process of spiritual refinement. But you have to realize that you can't motivate anyone for more than a moment, because intrinsic motivation flows from Core Desires. True motivation wells up from deep within the recesses of the heart.

Diamonds in the Rough
Our spiritual attributes are often not very refined; they are often like diamonds in the rough-ready to be cut, honed, and polished into gems of great worth. Until they are developed, they aren't esteemed to be worth much. Although your spiritual attributes may only be diamonds in the rough, they are still diamonds-and they are yours- waiting inside for you to be refined and to bring you more joy.

If you wish to experience all the beauty, riches, and happiness that life has to offer, you need to keep the spiritual side of your life strong and continually sharpen your thoughts and feelings. From your thoughts and feelings spring all your Core Desires. Since some desires will motivate and inspire you more than others, you need to focus on your spiritual Core Desires.

When the spiritual area of your life is strong, all other areas of your life will benefit. For example, being open and honest with your spouse helps create and maintain a loving relationship in the family, and that openness and honesty have spiritual roots.

You don't have to perform better or do more to feel loved and successful. Being more-not necessarily doing more- brings the unconditional love and abiding peace you long for. So be open and honest with yourself, be pleasant, kind, and sincere. Be vulnerable, faithful, nonjudgmental, charitable, and thoughtful. As you refine the positive "be-attitudes" already within you, your life becomes more full of enjoyment and satisfaction. These refined attributes crowd out the negative ones, eliminating the barriers that currently hold you back. You achieve more in life and get there faster. This is possible only when you comprehend the great value of being a person of strong spirituality.

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Jack M. Zufelt is a bestselling author and has achieved worldwide recognition for teaching people the true cause of all achievement. His life's mission is to impart the truth about-and dispel the myths surrounding-success and achievement. Want to achieve better results? How about live a fuller life with more happiness, joy, and satisfaction? Discover Jack's DNA of Success and live the life you've always wanted... Click Here -> http://www.DNAofSuccess.com