PURPOSE – our goals, aims and determinations, the reason we exist. Living life on purpose is living a life with purpose. The focus of the week is to embrace the purpose of your life and live on purpose by being the best you can be.

Even though we all have unique talents and contributions to the world, there may not be a single big special purpose that comes to us in flashing neon lights. It can more or less just be accomplished by being yourself and giving it your all. Your purpose on this planet is to be and do your best each day. I like to say let your light shine. That light comes from your heart, beaming with joy and love. When you do anything with joy and love, you are giving it your all. You are making a difference and contributing something only you can contribute – yourself. That is the most important purpose we can have – to impact others by being our personal best.

What comes to mind when you hear “BE the best you can be”?
How do you feel about what you bring to the table each day?
Are you giving it your all?
Is there joy and love in what you do?
How do you think you leave others?
Are people left inspired, loved and empowered or frustrated, angry and defeated?

Take a moment to really contemplate how you go through your life each day. If you are living life from joy and love, you are fulfilling your purpose. If you are not, then what are you doing? You are cheating us all out of your greatness, depriving us of the gift to know who you really are. You can not do what you came here to do, if there is no joy or love in your heart. Your gifts and talents get buried under the shadow of whatever it is that blocks your joy. It could be anger, resentment, fear, guilt, frustration, doubt or anxiety, that hides your light. Whatever it is, it keeps you from letting your light shine, also keeps you from living your divine purpose. It is not what you are doing, but rather who you are being as you do it. Time to shed the shadow that keeps your light hidden, embrace that your purpose IS just BEING the best that you can be, put your heart in soul into what you do and allow the experience of joy to occur.

Affirmation or Mantra
I allow my light to shine brightly. I bring love and joy to all that I do. That is my true purpose being the best me I can be and sharing myself and my talents with the world.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Hall is a business owner, writer, consultant and coach, as well as a yoga and fitness instructor. She has always been a journey of personal growth and transformation, and enjoys working with others to have breakthroughs happen in their lives. With her extensive experience and success in the business world she contributes what she has learned along the way to others. She leverages her vast knowledge, experience and unlimited resources to inspire and empower others to fulfill their goals and desires through INTENTION FOCUS.