Look at people around you. Some Inspire you, some Perspire you. Be with those that build Energy in you.

You must have observed how food affects us. Nourishing food, like organic food, makes us healthy and happy, not only from outside but also from inside. Toxic food on the other hand, deprives us of many essential nutrients and thus affects us in a completely opposite way – it is poisonous and can kill us.

So is with people. There are those who will heighten your spirit, and you will feel optimistic about life after meeting them. There are those, who will always put you down and drain your energy.

Make a commitment to stay away from those who leave you with nothing but pessimism. Accept and acknowledge only those who infuse positive energy, who inspire, boost you up and fill your life with joy.

Author's Bio: 

RVM is on a mission to make this world a better place to live.

After having achieved the highest pinnacles of success, RVM went on a soulful quest to find a new meaning to life, discover a more fulfilling way to utilize his time and talent. He came away with the realization that we serve the purpose of our existence only when we dedicate ourselves to making a difference in the world.
Following the natural trajectory of this chosen path, RVM has now become a widely recognized and respected positive life philosophers. He is also an acclaimed author, speaker, singer as well as a philanthropist.
RVM is known for his ability to usher in change across all strata of society, and initiate a revolution in thinking and action. So, towards this end, he started a 125-bed capacity RVM Foundation Home and 200-bed Hospital which is now being converted into a 1000-bed Charitable Hospital under his Trust, offering free medical services for the poor in need.
As a staunch believer in God and to spread the power of faith, RVM has built a Shiv Temple with 65-foot-tall Shiv idol on Old Airport Road, which is now not only a tourist destination but also a place for spiritual awakening.
RVM has authored many books to illuminate and inspire people, to spread his unique philosophy and message. Some of these are: I Wanna Be Happy, Succsex (on Success through Sex Transmutation), Power your Life with PEP (Positive Energy Power) and many more which are in the pipeline. RVM is also a noted speaker and has addressed various audiences not just in India but around the world, on topics like ‘happiness,’ ‘succsex,’ ‘fulfillment’ and ‘life.’
RVM believes that every moment is a journey. Together with the freedom to rejoice, the ability to value life and the power to make a difference, this journey can be enhanced further. Life is a priceless gift but not many open and enjoy this treasure. RVM aspires to help people make the best use of this gift.