What if today could be your first day ever of consciously choosing and creating happiness? The great news is...that it can. Whether happiness is a science or art, why not bring it back where it belongs, to your life and work at the present, rather than postponing it to some hypothetical future point? Because you can!

I've discovered over my years of coaching life and executive clients to success, that it's really true that we are responsible for our own happiness, and that it's perfectly possible to be as happy as you decide to be. In this article I'm going to share with you the seven secret hows of happiness so you can start making it your reality today, not tomorrow.

1. What thoughts you think. Yes, that's the first step. Sometimes all the competing thoughts in our heads can feel like lots of dogs all pulling at the leash to go for walks in different directions! Instead, decide what your desired destination is and what thoughts you need to think in order to feel the way you want to feel. It can help to write down the positive thoughts and feelings you want to have so that you turn any limiting thoughts around. Conscious competence as I say to my coaching clients!

2. Eliminate energy drains and do a mental and actual clean sweep of your life. What is bringing you down? Make a list and work through it, checking off everything it's possible to let go of. Make a plan to deal with those more stubborn areas. If a situation genuinely can't be changed, change how you respond to it.

3. What are your values? What thrills and inspires you and makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning? Make sure that you choose goals for the year that relate to your key values so that you will be thoroughly inspired to bring them to life.

4. What is your purpose and direction in life? Are you working in a career and job you love? If not, do you need to make a small or big change? We all need a vocation to feel our best. What's yours? Do your main relationships have a vision behind them or are you just drifting?

5. Positive emotion is a resource, not just a feeling, as positive psychologists remind us. Choosing to look for the opportunity and possibility in every situation makes you more imaginative and lucky even. Studies show that "lucky" people are those who expect good things and are open to possibilities, hence spotting them when they show up.

6. Consciously remind yourself to focus on the positive at every opportunity. Every day, ask yourself what you've enjoyed and are grateful for that day, anything from a walk in the park in the sunshine, to a conversation with a friend, to something you've done well. Research shows that people who practice gratitude on a daily basis have significantly higher levels of reported happiness after six months.

7. Every day, practice doing 10 things (I call them Daily Delicious Rituals with my coaching clients) that you enjoy and are good for you and incorporate them into your daily timetable, anything from having (and savoring) your favourite coffee, enjoying a glass of wine while having a hot aromatherapy bath (two rituals in one), reading something inspiring, whatever speaks to you. Always have something to look forward to!

And feel yourself feeling happier every day...there's no upper limit!

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