Whose motto was Be Prepared? Who knew that this motto would be effective for the rest of my life. As a young girl, I was a part of the Girls Scout and that was our motto. These two simple yet powerful words have made an impact in all areas of my life. Being prepared is something that is necessary to handle sudden changes, challenges and everyday issues.

We recently began offering training workshops to various businesses. Our initial target audience was to health care facilities. The workshops are targeted to improve relations with the internal and external clients as this makes a marked difference in the success of one’s business.

In sharing the growth and development at a networking event, I was asked to present the workshop for a corporate company. I accepted the opportunity as it occurred to me that the training would be beneficial for anyone in business. It was well received and now we are receiving more requests that are outside of the market we thought would best benefit from our service. Now we are traveling to cities/towns across the country.

This is to encourage you to not only network but be ready to adjust to the requests that may assist you in the growth of your business. Remember you should always Be Prepared!

Author's Bio: 

Dawn Aldrich is an expert in working through life's challenges and uses her expereinces to help others. She is an author of the series The Day That Changed My Life Cancer An Uncertain Journey and a business owner. She is the co founder of SOLUTIONS Cancer Resource Center, Inc. a non-profit organization that provides information and assistance to cancer diagnosed clients, their families and friends. She is also the founder of Solutions Health & Wellness Center.