You may experience mixed emotions as your ACT day approaches. After all, it’s going to be a make or break endeavor. Getting a high score will have you joining the college of your choice, or otherwise. You’ll definitely want the former, so how do you go about with preparing for such test? How are you going to properly prepare for the ACT in order to get a high score? Here are 6 fail-proof tips.

1. Facilitate your registration. The first thing that you have to do to get the ACT is to register. The fastest way to do this is online, via the ACT website. Create your profile in the site and select a testing center. Choose a venue that isn’t too far away from where you live. At the same time, you have to verify your ACT date. When doing so, give yourself sufficient time to prepare and study for the test. At least three months in advance would suffice. Look up a reliable ACT guide if you need more help with the registration process.

2. Become familiar with the format and structure of the ACT. Get yourself oriented about what the ACT is all about. Consider that there are 4 sections in the test which are Reading, Science, Math and English. The whole test is totaled 36 points. Each section is scored with 36 points where the rounded average of all will comprise your composite score. There is an optional section, the ACT Essay test which is scored for a total of 12 points. Your score in the Essay test will not be factored in your composite score. The allocated time for taking the overall ACT is 2 hours and 35 minutes, with an additional 1 hour designated for those who intend to take the Essay test.

3. Get to know the types of content and questions found in the test. This is why you should adhere to an effective ACT test prep. Its purpose is to familiarize you with how the test looks like and hone your skills for answering the various questions. Note that how you prepare for the English section is different from that of the Math section, and so on. The one particular signifying factor that you are prepared for the ACT is not being taken aback by what you see on your test booklet on the big day.

4. Identify your weaknesses and gauge your skills. In what subjects did you do bad at? Focus improving on those while you build up your strength topics. It is a smart idea to take practice tests in relation to this. Resources are available in your local library and online in PDF forms and those offered by reliable test prep and study guide websites. Determine your score according to the scoring guidelines. When you have ascertained your score, you can then base your study guide on thus.

5. Work on a target score. Establish a score that you want to achieve, and this ought to serve as a baseline for your test prep and study guide. In a span of at least 1 month, you should be able to work on a 1 to 6 points improvement. Target a score according to the standards of your chosen college.

6. Arrange an effective schedule for your studying. Make it consistent. How many hours can you allot for your test prep every week? Be sure to adhere to it. See to it that you have ample time for studying to avoid cramming for your forthcoming ACT day.

Be diligent and dedicated to your ACT test prep so you can ace your exam and set foot to study in your chosen college or university.

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