You may know someone who is friends with everyone, an all round good egg, whom everyone adores? He will be the one who can instantly charm a whole room of strangers with his natural pleasantness and charisma. This paragon of virtue is what we term a ‘people person'

This individual knows very well how to maximize his personal relationships to gain social standing, and it works. He knows that if he operates a ‘I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' policy, ie earning respect and trust so that he can call in favors and gain support, it will help propel him to greatness, even if it is just in social situations.

To become a people person is not hard and we give a few pointers as you read on. Achieve this, and you will be well on your way to self empowerment, which is a term for having a shakeup of your life, thus being more successful and happy.

1. Do not be false

Self empowerment relies upon honesty. Don't be a hypocrite – people aren't stupid and will spot it very quickly in which case your journey to self empowerment be a failure before you've even started. Show interest in people and how they are feeling and show honesty when they ask you about yourself.

2. Use your ears to the best of your ability

Listen to people. By listen, I mean really listen. Hear their problems and empathize with them, using eye contact so they know they have your full attention. When they realize that they can tell you almost anything, you'll have a new friend.

3. Don't be afraid to laugh

Here we don't mean laugh maniacally for every weak joke cracked, we mean see the funny side of life. Someone who is ever serious is, quite frankly boring, but someone with a great sense of humor is attractive to both people and, eventually, successes in life.

4. Look after yourself first

Whilst doing all this socializing, don't forget to keep an eye out for yourself. Don't let yourself be a pushover and feel that you deserve respect and affection. Keep this mindset, and people to flock to and not over you.

5. Do things for other people.

Making other people happy and helping other people has a twofold benefit. It will help you on your road to self empowerment, and make them feel respected and cared for at the same time, a win win situation!

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