Coaching isn't reserved for sports, it's an attitude that you can use in many situations of life. It's a key concept in effective management and can work very well when a leader uses it. It is not an autocratic attitude that makes others want to join and help you. It is by noticing their uniqueness' and directing them in a personal way, that will garner the best results for you in the long run.

What is Coaching Leadership?

Coaching isn't screaming or yelling out directions to subordinates, rather, it's a mentorship between equals. One "teaches" another something and doesn't demand it. Coaching levels the playing field, in terms of competition. You are not in conflict but rather working together: On the same team. It is akin to a student-teacher relationship. You are helping a person to become better equipped to help you. It serves both of you in the end.

The Best Leadership Styles

There are many leadership styles that one may have become familiar with

through life. Daniel Goleman, for example, proposed that there were 6 different styles of leadership with different behavioral strategies; some that created unity and harmony and some that created a rift between employer and employee. Coaching is one of the best of these in his hierarchy. Here, members are all viewed as competent players on a team who are working towards the long term goals of the organization.

Of course, not everyone in any group has the same level of knowledge, competence or commitment to a goal. These differences don't have to create competition or friction in the workplace. The coach teaches individuals in the group, to work towards the same expectations, but in different capacities. The coaching manager also negotiates between different perspectives of the members, in order to achieve what's best in the long term, for the entire organization. In any company, the leaders must take the staff's personal values and ideas into account and see if and where they may be useful in the organization's overall plan.

People are different and we need to treat them as individuals who learn at their own pace and have aptitudes for different types of work.

Coaching Builds Confidence in People.

Individual coaching is situational leadership. It teaches one on one in an effort to build the confidence of an individual. At the same time, because of feedback from the employer, the employee increases his competence as well and feels better about himself. A good employer treats his staff with respect. A great employer gives respect and commendation.

Regular feedback on performance for all individuals maintains the best type of working relationship.

Team Excellence

This is achieved by created harmony among workers through shared goals.

Members of the team who are assessed frequently and given a chance to speak their minds, creates an overall positive attitude and team effort in a working environment.

In the process of achieving the long term goal of the company, the individual has the chance to develop his skills and learn even more skills and ways to use them.

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