If you are some who looks back on their past with amazingly fond memories and never experienced any regret, shame, or sadness regarding choices you've made, then this article is so not for you.

This article is for the rest of us.

The ones who are either trying vigorously to forget the past ever happened, or those that are harboring so much pain regarding the past that it feels close to unbearable.

We've all heard the cliche's

Forget and Forgive. Time heals all wounds.

The truth is, the past is a real and large part of who we are.

I don't think that we should deny our past. I don't think it should be forgotten. I believe that we can heal from the past and still accept the gifts it has for us.

The problem with the past arises when we become it's prisoner. When we allow the past to define who we are as individuals.

I was a social outcast in high school, no one liked me.

Does that mean that is who you are today? Absolutely not. That was a circumstance, a situation-not a definition of who you were.

My dad left when I was a kid, he didn't want or love me

That may be. Does it hurt? I'm sure it does. Feeling that pain isn't a bad thing. Letting that pain define you is.

I used to be so skinny. No one finds me attractive now.

You do weigh more now. So? Does your beauty and worth depend on what the scale says. That would be a no.


I challenge you to conduct a little experiment. Spend the the day acting and feeling the way you envision yourself. So if you've spent you life as the wallflower, blending into the scenery and you envision yourself as the outgoing social butterfly then spend the day in that space. No doubt for many this really will be a challenge, so if a whole day is too ambitious, try half a day. Too much still, heck try an hour, just try it.

You are so very amazing! Yes, your past makes you who you are, but it can only make you a prisoner if you allow it to.

Be Beautiful!


Author's Bio: 

Alicia Edmonson is a Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner. Avidly interested in Angels she incorporates angelic spirituality into her practice and products.