Six years old to 90 years plus learn Reiki

There are not too many things in life which are very popular with both children and the elderly. Reiki I am happy to say is one of those things.

I have been teaching Reiki classes in Dublin since 1996. During all of this time, I have had great interest in my Reiki training courses from children, teenagers, adults and our wise elders.

Why Children benefit from Reiki

Reiki is easy to learn and easy to use. Children are uncomplicated relative to most adults and quickly understand how Reiki can be beneficial to them.

My Childrens’ Reiki courses only take two hours. This compares with two days for adults! Children have less of a past, do not have years of conditioning and are more open to accept something which is explained simply and reasonably.

I use art to teach the children Reiki. This is a great way of explaining energy to them.
They are shown how to Reiki themselves and how to share Reiki with others.

Reiki is a great way for children to relax if they are worried about something. It also helps them with general aches and pains, flues and childhood physical challenges.

As Reiki also works on the emotional levels, it tends to instil confidence into the children who attend Reiki classes.

Teenagers practice Reiki too…

Teenage years can be challenging on many levels.These years can be emotionally challenging as peer pressure is a huge issue.

In my years of teaching Reiki, the Reiki courses for teenagers have been the most challenging. Teenagers wish to be ‘cool’ and to be accepted. This is all brought to the Reiki course.

It is important the facilitator understands the mind of a teenager and knows how to communicate Reiki in a fashionable and appealing way. Once this is achieved, in my experience, the teenagers use Reiki energy and are delighted with how it helps them.They use Reiki healing to relax, to help with confidence and to focus during times of stress such as exams.

Adults know they need something !

What is it all about is a question in the minds of many adults. Beyond the career, the relationship and money what is there. Many are searching for answers outside of themselves to find that all the answers lie within.

Using self Reiki treatments is a great way to touch base with the essence of who you are. Many insights, ideas and revelations come in a state of deep relaxation. Reiki energy brings a person to this state easily and seamlessly.

Adults also attend Reiki 1 courses to gain a greater sense of self and to use it as a preventative measure against physical challenges. Others attend Reiki trainings with the desire to help a current physical challenge or to assist with emotional healing.

Older and Wiser

I have always loved people heavy in years. There is nothing like the wisdom of experience to put life into perspective.

People in their nineties have come along to my Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Advanced classes. They innately know that this natural energy can benefit them.They come to the Reiki classes with true acceptance like the children do. Unlike the children they also have the wisdom of age. It is always a true delight to have such a person in a Reiki class.

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