Are you constantly coming across various difficulties when it comes to finding answers to questions like ‘how to promote an app’, ‘what are the best app promotional services that are available online’ and many more?

But before we can move towards answering these questions, let's first discuss the role of marketing in the mobile application industry . In simple words, we can say that app marketing is not just limited to the concept of advertising a product or an online service.

Today, it's all about designing and developing an app that is reliable for its user base. The process of app development requires a number of factors in order to work effectively and efficiently. Here one of the primary aims is to make sure that your targeted users are utilizing your app as much as possible and are also happy with the final output of your mobile app.

Top Android App Promotion Services Of 2019

Now, let’s take a look at some of the platforms that provide the app owners and app developers with such app promotional services.

1. Mobile App Directories

The App Directories are one of the most popular platforms when it comes to places where you can promote your mobile application. Think of it as this way, if you think your iOS or Android app is ready and you are satisfied with the end product, app developers can just start to collect feedback for their app even in the beta version.

This is the part where submitting your mobile app review to the app directories becomes very useful. Bt submitting your applications on the different app directories can assist you in driving potential users towards your app and this will help in raising the brand awareness of your app.

Here is a list of some of the best app directories in the international market.

● AppAddict
● MobileAppDaily
● AlphaDigits
● AppStorm
● AppVita
● BetaList
● Capterra

2. Business Listing

A majority of people still tend to get confused between the platforms i.e. directories and listing websites, but in reality, they are not. In the business listing, app developers need to create a page for listing their web or mobile app as local or even global on various social media platforms. These conditions are applicable even if you are a virtual enterprise or brand that mainly operates online.

Below are some of the most widely used business listing pages that allow app owners and developers to be active where their potential app users are and assist in reaching more users.

● LinkedIn
● Facebook
● Google+ Pages
● Yahoo Local Basic Listings
● Bing

3. Online Communities

Online Communities also acts as a powerful medium for promoting your iOS as well as Android applications. Here, creating additional pages on social channels is also beneficial. App developers can simply join and then build their own online communities. A majority of mobile app development experts consider this approach to be an effective one.

Some great examples of such online communities are LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups. In addition to this users can also opt for Reddit and Quora, which are quite popular digital content sharing platforms to gain recognition and get exposure in a short span of time.

For instance, Reddit offers its users the latest digital trends as well as news by gathering data from hundreds and thousands of individuals and communities belonging to the same category. Another example is Quora, which is an interactive platform where a user can ask an answer to almost any question and publish a post.

One thing that you need to remember after joining such online communities is that once joined it's your responsibility is to be active on the respective platform. So make sure to actively answer the questions related to your respective field while engaging with other users as well who hold the same interest.

Apart from this, app developers and app owners also need to smartly promote their iOS and Android mobile apps and adapt to new online promotional activities to create a hype about their application. That's why you should always aim to create a good impression with respect to the users.

Last but not least, you also have the option to guest post on websites that lead in the technology segment. You can even find your niche websites with respect to your app and apply for submitting a guest post. There are a number of blogs that do take applications for the position of a guest writer.

So these were so of the top Android app promotional services that you can easily find online to buy app reviews for your mobile application. Apart from that, there are various other app promotional websites whose app reviews hold great importance and value in the mobile app development market.

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