With the advent of the internet and further updates in webspace, many old practices are becoming obsolete.
Foreign currency exchange as a business cannot stay away from these market trend.
Earlier during ’90s market was dependent on previous days Newspaper reports to know and update about forex rates. By the introduction of the Internet, common men started to depend on the information available online to get updated.
Nowadays foreign exchange rates are available 24 x7x365 days through various online applications.
With the internet becoming accessible to the common man and with an increase in penetration of Mobile among young
Indian population we are finding a huge increase in potential customers.


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Orient Exchange Co. (L.L.C.), established in 1923, is one of the first few exchange Houses to operate from the Middle East. In its 90 years of history, the company has been serving millions of customers worldwide and has built a reputation of a customer friendly organization. The company is into both Foreign exchange (Retail, Wholesale) and remittances business. Orient Exchange has 27 branches across the UAE and has tied up with all major banks across the world for remittance business. The company offers various cash to cash remittances services too and is the primary agent of Western Union in Dubai. Orient also supports the corporate world with payroll payments. More information on Orient Exchange can be had from www.orientexchange.com.